Happy Mothers Day!

moms day

My beautiful, hard working, strong, sensitive and giving Mom.  She was visiting Jenn and family in Cali for Kate’s baptism so we didn’t get to see each other, but I hope she knows just how much I love and appreciate her.  She is an amazing woman. And I have to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mother-in-law Jane.  I love that woman so much.  If only she lived closer…now THAT would be awesome! 😉


Kate and Max on the beach near their home.


And this guy, who made me a mother for the first time.  Man, he is so awesome.  He can drive me crazy, but he keeps me sane and grounded all at the same time.  It rained ALL DAY on Saturday so he and Dan’s only outing was per my request to Oh Mai.  YUM! I however made it to my favorite Kickboxing class and a massage later in the day.   He played with Behr and parks from 9-5pm…and that was after having their family over for dinner the night before.  Whew! So.much.playing.  Both Dan and I, Jed and Courtney LOVE this dynamic though.  It’s pretty awesome having each other as neighbors.


Lots of slurping going on here 😉


Special flower they planted for us at Preschool.  Homemade card to go with it, too.


Waffle Saturday.  Good thing it was pouring out…plenty of time to make a huge batch of Buckwheat waffles to eat and freeze for later.  Delish!


Behr learned how to ride Sam’s pedal bike on Friday night after we all ate dinner.  SO proud of him!  He’ll be six this coming Saturday.  We cheered him on like crazy!  Now Sam has a little friend to pedal with right here on our street.

Mother’s Day breakfast.  Eggs, half a waffle, a little bacon and Dan’s amazing roasted tomatillo and jalapeno salsa.  Holy crap, that stuff is good.



The weather was beautiful yesterday though.  I requested a bike ride with this dude.  We had so much fun!  Dan shuttled us to the top part of the Quarry and met us down towards the bottom.  Sam and I continued down while Dan rode to the top for a quick workout.  Drove them back up for one more lap before we called it good.  THE best!


And one of the only times I’ll ask for anything with mushrooms.  Thanks Dan for this yummy meal.  Pork chops with his mushroom gravy, roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus. Dark chocolate for dessert.


A random but really tender photo.  I came down one morning last week and he’d found Naomi’s hand and footprints.  He was so curious and soft spoken, asking why there was brown stuff (her dried blood) on them and saying how small she was.  Ugh.  I could not help but cry right there.  I tried not to show it but he knew I was sad, but happy all at once.  My two beautiful children.


And most of last week, we got to hang with these three pretty ladies while Ali and Mark celebrated their 10 year anniversary away in Jamaica (yeah, I know.  So awesome!)



Rained on and off lots of last week, too.


Ali has these kids so well “trained”  I mean, they know what their schedule is, basically what they should and shouldn’t do and ask for and they were champs at bedtime…every single night they were gone.   And that Ruby, she’s pretty much potty trained and sleeps and naps like it’s no thing even without Mom there.  She was so awesome!  I don’t mind watching them at all since Ali works so hard being such a good Mom…Oh, and Mark probably has something to do with this, too 😉




Another random photo.  This is “fast food” in my book.  Harmons salad bar.  I was on-the-go one day last week from the gym, to preschool to swim lessons so I grabbed this quickly.  All I had to do was walk in the store and pick out a huge pile of goodness!  Greens, kale, egg, chicken, some ham, broccoli, a little bacon, banana peppers, green and red peppers, carrots, peas and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.  Olive oil and balsamic for dressing.  This was $3 and some change I think.  “Fast food” can be amazingly good for you!


And to last Tuesday night.  I’ve known about the Mid Week Bike Race series since last year.  A friend of mine is now in charge of the kid’s race each Tuesday night at 6pm so we thought we’d ask Sam if he wanted to do it.  They were out riding Monday night and Dan asked if he wanted to race the next day, but not thinking he’d wan to and Sam said a big, YES!   It rained earlier in the day Tuesday but cleared up just in time for racing.  There were about 60 kids all together.  Entry is free for kids and there were some little prizes and a BBQ at the end.  Both of which were a win-win in his book.  He did amazing!  There was a choice of one, two or three laps and he chose all three and did great.  They rode on some trails that he rides all the time, so he was very familiar with the course.  Hoping we can do another one after baseball is over since Tuesday’s are practice nights for him.


The start, for those riding three laps.


Go buddy!


And he won a sweet bell for his bike!

He’s shredding, people.

Last week of swim lessons coming up.  He’s doing so well.  I was surprised he dove off the board without his teacher asking him to.  He just decided to do it as he was walking up to the edge.

I’m thankful that he’s so into all of this super fun stuff.  As long as he’s having fun, that’s what we care about most.

It’s Birthday week for Dan!


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