Sunny days

Beautiful weather around here.


Lots of playing with Behr and Parks…of course 😉


At some point, just about everyday they play.



Swim lessons are going great.  He was really sad one day last week before, but did totally awesome after he got over the fear of how long the lesson is (it’s 30 mins).  On this day, he told me he was going to be awesome and that he liked Ashley better than Dina (his teacher on Wednesdays)  Ha!


Just cause.


Totally awesome kickboxing class that started back up again at the gym.  Taught be my former trainer and manager of us fitness coaches.  I.was.dripping!


SO tuckered out.  He ended up napping really late a few days last week, which resulted in a bedtime routine that was less than ideal.  Two of the nights he didn’t go to sleep until after 9:30pm.  I just couldn’t stop him from sleeping he was so tuckered from playing hard.


Super fun martial arts birthday party for his preschool friend Calin.  He punched that board into three pieces!


Big digger right by the parking lot where we ride bikes in Draper.

Family bike ride Friday night, followed by burgers!  He is seriously shredding people!  I was stoked to ride right behind him the whole way down. right here.



In n Out.  His favorite!


Got to watch this beauty for a while on Sunday while Dan and Sam rode bikes.  She naps like a champ everyday.  Had to wake her after a few hours.



And I LOVE this shirt.  It says, “Do more of what makes you happy.”
I mean, why not?  If you’re doing things in your life that aren’t making you happy then I believe you should try as best you can to change that!  I’m also very motivated by this reflection.  Crazy things happen with your mind when you lose a lot of weight. It’s still very hard for me sometimes to look at a smaller version of myself.  Many times I look in the mirror and think that I look bigger…that’s how messed up our brains can be from being overweight for SO long.  I’m getting over that more and more and like I always say, these pics are more for me than anyone else.


And another amazing group training session of mine ended last week. I LOVE all of these ladies so much.  I am SO lucky that I get to push them to go beyond their comfort zones to become better and stronger each time they workout.  I push them to do things they wouldn’t normally do.  I love coaching these women!  Taking a month long break or so, then hope to start another round with more awesome folks in June.  They really are amazing people and I’m LOVING my job!


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