Hello Monday


A rainy weekend!  Things really started to get going Friday around 4:30pm.  Just in time for Dan and I to get out on a bike date.  It started raining pretty hard a little over halfway up but that wasn’t going to stop us.  Reached the top and it’s pouring.


It’s a good thing I’m usually up for a good adventure in the rain…especially if it involves bikes.  I was FREEZING by time we got down.  Numb hands, sopping wet but oh so happy!  You can’t really see just how wet and dirty I am here.  There’s a reason the parking lot was almost empty 😉


We were going to treat ourselves to dinner out, but hot showers, comfy clothes and warm chicken and veggie soup sounded WAY better.  Dan’s homemade stock for the win! Thank you Ali for having Sam over to play.


Out for a little mexican food Saturday night.  Nothing super exciting going on over the weekend.  Sam played with Behr and Parks A LOT, of course.  I got in a good workout with Ali and had a few clients.


Speaking of these boys.  They are BFF’s I tell you!  Watching as they do lots of work to repair our sidewalks all around the block.  And last week, it was ALL about wearing their superhero capes every minute they were together.  SO thankful for these kids.


Lunch outside a lot now that it’s warmer.  He was out waiting for Behr and Parks to get home from school 🙂


Wall sits FTW!  Made my ladies do this while each of them took a turn pushing the sled back and forth.  It was a burner for sure.  I also had to do this in my own Gauntlet class i’m in on Monday night, only we had to go through 14 people.  THAT was a freaking LONG wall sit.  My legs were so sore two days later! LOVE it.


And meet River.  One of Sam’s very best little bike shredder friends.  He and his Dad Ted and Dan had THE best time last week out in Draper.  They made laps and more laps together, showing lots of the grown ups, up 😉


Tuckered out after swim lessons.  We started another session of lessons in hopes that he’ll be able to swim on his own in the next few months.  It costs and arm and a leg, but I KNOW it’ll be worth it.  Last year we did eight, 15 min sessions.  This time, he’s doing eight, 30 min sessions so significantly longer.  I can tell it’s much harder and more tiring for him but he is doing SO, so well and he’s such a good sport being pushed this hard.  It’s survival type swimming, which in our opinion is a life skill that every single person that is able should have.  Worth.every.penny.

Diving board!


Another awesome baseball game.  He did great!


New books,  The best way to pass time in the car.


He and Dan found a dead mommy Quail.  He was SUPER sad about it and has been talking about it since then.  “Mom… remember that poor dead mommy bird quail?  Yeah, that was really sad.  That poor mommy bird.  So sad.”
Playin’ around downstairs while it rains…


Sunday night dinner.  Easy and super delicious.  Asian chicken salad with some mashed sweet potatoes.  SO easy.


And a some motivation for your Monday…mostly for me as you know.  2.5 year difference.  I’m so hard on myself sometimes and I can’t help but compare myself to other women…as most other women get caught up doing.  When I see pictures like this side by side I just have to take a step back and remember how freaking hard I’ve been working to get to where I am now.  Sure, I want to always be moving forward in my fitness life but I want to ENJOY where I am now and embrace this, right now.

And, I remember when I had a goal to do 10 pushups in a row.  Then, I had a goal to do 15, then it was 21.  I haven’t tried to do more than 22-25 in a row so today I thought I’d give it a try….35!  Could have gone for 40 but wanted to keep good form.  Always progressing and making small goals at a time.  Small goals lead to big changes overtime.


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