Happy Monday!

In the 70’s now, but this was Tuesday and Wednesday.  The winds were crazy and the power went out in multiple places throughout the valley.  I was walking to bed Tuesday night and all of the sudden I hear a HUGE boom/explosion and bright orange in the sky, power off.  Came back on around 4:30am thankfully…although the gym’s power was out for 1.5 days.




We played in the snow three or four times on Wednesday.  He mostly biked in it 😉


We stayed in pretty much all Wednesday, so I tried a new and super easy cookie recipe.  I don’t bake often but I was feeling it this day.   Oats, brown sugar, salt, baking soda, cinnamon,  coconut oil, dark choc chips.  Blend together.  It’s delicious raw or baked for about 10 mins.


Out bright and early to play the next morning.


Spent a bunch of time with Jane.


Went to the gym to work on some striking technique with David even though the power was still out.  It was pretty cold and dark, but I loved it!


The scene most days during the week.  Behr, Parks and Sam are three peas in a pod, seriously.  One day they played from 12:30-7:30pm on and off.  The next day about half that time and this morning for a few hours.  BFF’s!  I love that they can go from house to house, bike, dig and play inbetween. We’ve had to set some rules, but they play so well together most the time.  Their Dad Jed often comes out to pull around their little guy, Trek so he can join in on the fun.


This is often the scene in their backyard.  Kids, balls, dogs.


Comfort food in this house. Dan’s version of Shepherds Pie.  Delicious!


Coaching another amazing Gauntlet class.  I LOVE to do this and if there’s anything that will make me happy, it’s a super good workout or a really awesome group of women to push through a workout.  These women inspire me!


A quick nap before some skiing Sunday.  He was tuckered from all the playing the past few days with the boys.


Probably our last day skiing Alta this season.  It was warm and slushy but super fun!


Down to the parking lot to hangout with all the crazy people who wear funny things and grill out of the back of their cars after skiing down High Boy.  We didn’t stay long…


…because it was time for some biking before dinner!

I dropped them off a ways ups the Quarry trail so Sam could ride down, Dan ran behind him.  We’ve wanted to see if he could ride this trail since it’s pretty rocky and he shredded it!  Can’t wait to ride it all together soon.
Dan made some upgrades to my bike (THANK YOU very much!) so they tested it out before dinner.

They spent some time at the bike park while I trained clients.  Works out great!

And a little reminder and motivation for you this week. I really love this. A LOT. It’s a repost from the Whole30 Instagram account that I follow.  We’ve got a week full of school, baseball, swim lessons,  group training, workouts, spin classes and lots and lots of playing!


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