Jenn visits from CA {so much cousin time!}

IMG_4432Jenn, Kate and Max made the 12 hour road trip from Palo Alto to UT last week.  We were lucky enough to have them stay with us from Tuesday-Friday, which meant I got to see Jenn a lot!

Jenn and Ali came to my spin class an hour after she got here.  It was SO great having both of them there for a good and sweaty workout.


Thank you Dan for watching all of the kids while we were spinning, all six of them!

Spent lots of time with Ali and girls, just playing and playing some more.



Had these two goofs for most the day on Wednesday.  They played so much!


Jenn joined in on my group training that Ali is part of.  She is a strong woman, people!


Yummy, filling salads for lunch


Met up with Kerrah and Sheri for some fun out at the zipline park in Daybreak.  Oh man, these kids had THE best time!


These boys.


Thank you to Dan again for watching the kids so us ladies could go out for a bit with my Mom.  I REALLY love these women so much.



Friday came and Jenn and Kate were off for an early bday party for Kate.  We told the kids we’d go bowling at some point, so bowling we did.  I took Sam, Max and Jane.  Oh man, it was hilarious watching them cheer each other on and ask what their score was every 10 seconds 😉



So much cuteness here!

Dan and I were supposed to go to Fruita Friday afternoon while Sam was with my Mom, but Dan and Sam ended up getting colds so we cancelled the trip.  My Mom however was super nice and offered to still take Sam for the weekend so he could be with Kate and Max some more.  She is the best!


Dan worked on lots of small house projects that we’ve been neglecting.  I stained the fence and we got in a bike ride together on the Quarry.

Met Ali on the Quarry.  She ran while we rode.  It works out perfectly since we saw here twice and she made it to the top just after we did.


There’s almost nothing more we’d rather do if we go on a date than go riding or skiing.  It’s just the best ever.


We relaxed, hung out and Oh Mai for dinner just the two of us.

IMG_4485Ladyshred (+Dan) before family dinner in Kamas.  I love, love seeing friends from out of town and meeting new, lady riders and outdoorsy types.  Lots of really awesome women out there I need to get to know better.

IMG_4492Silly kids.  Pic is only missing Ruby, Benjamin and Enzo, who were at the other table 🙂

Clockwise: Alex, Izac, Connor, Emily, Kate, Siri, Jane, Sam, Max


And a couple random photos from last week before Jenn got here.  Dan had Monday off for the Easter holiday.  He and Sam went for a super awesome bike ride out in Draper.  He did awesome!


And I started another round of the Gauntlet, this time every Monday night with these totally awesome people.  I’m lucky I get to workout with all of them.  They are HUGE motivators and inspire me to push harder and become better and stronger each week!  Busy week ahead.  Teaching two spin classes, coaching two group training sessions and five clients mixed in.  Busy, but oh so rewarding!


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