Hello Monday {and Happy Easter!}

A beautiful Easter weekend around here

IMG_4372A really nice visit to our sister and angel, this time with these ladies.  I LOVE, love this picture so much.



Thankful for my two beautiful children and this man.  He is THE best.


He was very much into the whole dying eggs thing.  He thought is was pretty amazing actually.


They turned out awesome.  Especially that speckled one he did!


Friday afternoon we went to one of our dear friends house for her fourth annual Partain Egg Hunt!  Julia hosts every year and holy cow is it fun!  She had well over 200 eggs this time for all of these kids to find.  Grateful to have such wonderful friends in our life.


….and GO!




Another super fun egg hunt at my uncle Wally’s house.  This is our annual Fetzer easter egg hunt.  A great excuse to see some of my favorite cousins, which I don’t see often enough.


Grandma Carol and kids


Wally and Lulu have a bunch of hens (and a cow…for real!) so she hid lots of these beautiful fresh hard boiled eggs for us to find.  Delicious!


They have a huge backyard which goes down to this creek, where the slide ends.  SUCH a beautiful, fun and spacious place!


Got in a bike ride on one of our favorite go-to trails while Dan and Sam were at Trailside.  Glad to be back riding the Quarry!


Saturday date night dinner at home.  Oh man this was good.  Oat crusted pork chops, mushroom sauce and brussles sprouts.  YUM!


The Easter bunny came.  Shorts, water gun, protein bar and a few treats.


He didn’t really care much about his stuff since Behr and Parks were already waiting outside our window at 7:45am to play, show off their new pants and ride bikes.  I LOVE, LOVE that these boys are such good friends and can play and play anytime they’re around.  So.much.playing!


 Dan took Sam to ski at Snowbird since we had some free passes that had to be used.  He did awesome and skied from the top of the Tram!!


Warming up in the hut at the top of Hidden Peak.  So proud of this little dude.  He is awesome and LOVED it.


Sam and Siri had their first baseball game Thursday night.  They both did SO great!  I forget how slow moving these games are compared to soccer.  It’s good though.  I’ll just sit back and watch until he bats 🙂



My group training started again last week.  Another awesomely strong group of ladies in this session.  My oldest gal is in her late 50’s and youngest is late 20’s.  They are amazing!  I am beyond thankful that this is my part of my job as a trainer.  So rewarding!


And one of my go-to breakfasts, especially when I know I have a hard workout ahead of me.  1/2 cup oats cooked in water or almond milk, 1 scoop protein powder (I use Paleo Protein, chocolate) and a dash of cinnamon…I call it “Proats” 😉  Delicious and nutritious!

And last nights shenanigans before dinner.  Scared me to death the first time they did it!

We’re getting ready for Jenn, Kate and Max to arrive from CA.  Staying with us Tuesday-Friday morning.  Cannot wait!


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