Sunny in St. George

Was a beautiful trip to St. George with Ali and family!

IMG_4250The kids had SO, so much fun playing together the last four days.  That tramp got  A LOT of use out of these guys!


Took Siri down with us.  Stopped at the petting zoo in Scipio.  That’s a great place to stretch their little legs!


Unfortunately, we were all having fun while Dan was in some of the most miserable and awful pain I’ve ever seen.  He had had a sore throat for a day or two before we were supposed to go.  He wasn’t going to come, but decided at the last minute to join us since he though he might be getting better and didn’t want to spend four days alone at home.  He sleeps all the way down and the rest of the day Thursday.  Things just kind of exploded overnight and we were at the Insta Care Friday morning.  Couldn’t eat, sleep, keep anything down, talk or do anything for that matter.  It was in fact Strep so they gave him a quick (but really painful) shot to the hip to get the antibiotic working.  Also the same kind of painful shot for his throbbing head/earaches that were all part of this crap.  He stayed in the bedroom the entire rest of the day, coming out only to use the bathroom and stretch a bit.  I’m SO glad he came with us so that I could take care of him.  He NEEDED help so I’m glad he wasn’t alone, even though his vacation was ruined.  I ran and got him some more painkillers and that seemed to keep the headaches at bay.  He didn’t eat anything all Saturday but was able to stand up and be out more (24 hrs after he got the antibiotic).  Thankfully today, he’s on the upswing and improving.  He was able to help pack up the car and took Sam to the skate park for a bit while I rode. And, tonight he ate a huge smoothie.  Woot! 😉


He even had some strength to take me on a sweet ride in the Miada they have down there.  It was fun!  That tuckered him right out though.  Back home to rest and watch some basketball.


Oh, and he did make it out in the yard just for a bit, too.


I needed some time on the trail after tending to Dan all day.  It was beautiful!


Painted the ladies nails.  They LOVE it!’



Lots and lots of playing outside.


Went for a hike with all the kids.  Mark’s brother and family were there with us as well.  It was chaotic at times, but oh so fun!



Ali, Ruby, Jane, James, Mark, Siri, JR, Sam, me


Walking back to the house from the trails.  They are right out their door.  It’s SO great!


Off to the fountains in the town square on Main Street.  One of the best places to take the kids…but have to go before it gets too busy!



Mark and I took Sam, Siri and Jane swimming at the Rec Center.  Cold water, but they had a great time.


They convinced us to get frozen yogurt, too 😉


Later that night we got to see James and B’s daughter Kerry in her gymnastics meet…the reason they were down there staying with us in the house.  She was AMAZING!  Holy cow, the time and preparation and time and more time these families take and give so their kids can do this at this level.  It’s crazy and inspiring.  She ended up take 1st in her age group and her team took first all around as well.  We got to see everything but her floor routine.  Sam cheered her on like crazy!


Another bike ride for me yesterday morning before heading out.  So, so pretty down there.  Even though it was supposed to be pretty warm, it didn’t feel that hot.  80’s most the time but breezy.


Took Jane home with us.  They played hard.  Tuckered!


Thank you so much Ali and Mark for having us down there.  We always have THE best time!  Can’t wait for our next trip!

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