Ski, bike, ski, bike….

This past week was FULL of biking and skiing…some done twice in a day.  We like to do that sort of thing around here in the spring.  The warm weather continues.  Maybe some showers tomorrow.  Maybe.  Cooler though to start our week they say.


Cousin ski day with Grandma Carol!  We biked in the morning, skied in the afternoon.  I’m so, so glad and thankful pretty much every cousin skis and will ski.  And, that Grandma can go with them.  These are the memories and times I hope they really remember.  (L to R: Connor, Sheri, Emily, Benjamin, Sam, Izac, Mom, Liz, Ali, Jane, Siri)


Got to watch the ladies last week while Ali and Mark when skiing for her birthday!



Kirk and Linda, our next door neighbors built this small deck last week.  It’s the new hangout place for snacks and chatting when the boys are playing…all day, everyday it seems!  Such good buddies.


Went to our friends annual St. Patrick’s Day party, which includes a pretty awesome scavenger hunt.  They LOVE it each year.  Thank you Jessica for hosting.  We’ve known most of these friends and Mom’s since about the time they started walking, if not before.  SO fun!


All the Fruit Loop rainbows! 🙂


Tuesday we also go to play and swim at our friends place at Snowbird again.  We LOVE, love when he comes to town.  He always cooks a yummy dinner while we get to chat away.  Swimming is always in the mix.


Last session of my night Gauntlet group that I workout with.  These people have become great friends and I can’t wait for our next session to start.  I’ve been debating on whether or not to do it, but I don’t want to miss out and it’s ALWAYS more motivating to workout with a group than alone, at least for me most the time.  They guys are amazing athletes!


Our lady crew.  We push each other to be better and stronger and to work hard every week.

Some striking on the heavy bag earlier in the week on Ali’s birthday.   She requested a workout with both of us early in the morning before she went skiing.  OF COURSE I was in! 😉



Saturday bike date!  Thank you Ali for watching Sam while we got to ride bikes together.  It really is the best.  All the spinning I’ve been teaching pays off ten fold out on the trails.  I feel SO good and strong already!


Ran into one of our favorite people, Re!  Glad we got to ride some.


Found out our good friend Laurent was in town this week, too! He and his wife May live in Hood River, OR.  He’s a fire fighter in Portland and just became a Lieutenant this past year.  He works REALLY hard and his place and times at Alta is a time for him to escape work and just veg out. 🙂  Went up to their place so Sam could play with his nephew Ethan for a bit on Thursday.  Went back up Saturday after biking since he really wanted to see Sam ski and a yummy home cooked meal afterwards.   I’m 100% sure Laurent was stoked on skiing through the trees and bumps every run with Sam.  We’ve known Laurent for 12 years.  Life long friends for sure!


And yesterday.  Yesterday we took Sam with us on what is normally a ski date just the two of us to Deer Valley.  He did SO awesome!  He kept saying how big it was and how they have so many lifts!  It is huge and there are tons of lifts, buddy!  We’re lucky to get free tickets through Dan’s work connection, so it’s well worth it.  Looking back to Jordanelle Reservoir.  We took him down a bit too steep of a run first off, but after that he shredded it up the rest of the day.


That steep run in the beginning took us 31 minutes to get down. His legs were tired.  That called for his treat of choice.  Root beer and fries for the win!


I love my little family so much and I hope that someday,  Sam will really appreciate how much we loved taking him out on skis, bikes, hiking and everything else love to do.  These are the times and things I will NEVER forget!

Have a great week!

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