It’s warm over here


It’s been SO warm here the last several days.  Too warm in fact.  I mean, it’s really great that we’re having this awesome spring weather, but we NEED rain and snow SO bad!  We’ll just have to keep playing outside and enjoying it I guess.  A beautiful sunrise in the works.  For the most part, I love, love that we’re up by 7am everyday.  We get to see things like this quite often


Loving that we can fit these three all in the back of the Suby now.  Couldn’t do that safely in the Honda 🙂


“Look Mom!!  This is my foam rolling game. I’m doing my foam rolling!”  Ha! Whatever works, buddy.


Yummy find at Costco last week.  Delicious in my salads or you could “crust” some chicken or fish with them. Yum!


Or in a mishmash of a lunch from last week.  Sauteed chicken sausage, broccoli, red peppers. Easy peasy.

Lots and lots of playing outside.  He’s been wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip flops most the last week.  He’s also been playing a ton with his neighbor friends Behr and Parks.  Friday and Saturday they played for a good six hours each day I think.  THE best!


Mid-week frozen yogurt date.  Just because we can.


Speaking of sugar…;)  Watched THIS really good lecture on Fructose and sugar in general and how harmful and addictive it is.  Thanks, Ali!


Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpas yesterday.  These kids LOVE the horses!


Did lots of fun riding yesterday, too!  I’m loving the fact that some of our favorite trails are already good to go, but honestly…they should be too wet and muddy to even be ridden yet!    Did a nice Canyon Hollow-Lower Rush lap while Dan and Sam were down below at this new portion of the skills park doing this…He’s shredding!  I have a feeling we’ll be spending A LOT of time here til it rains or snows again one day.

And this.  Go do something active and that makes you sweat today!  Busy week with clients, teaching spin and getting my own workouts and fun in.  Have a great week!



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