Hello Monday

Snow earlier last week!

IMG_4082IMG_4091Dumped snow one day, the next it cleared right up…just in time for us to get our new (to us) Suby Forester!  Loving it so far and said goodbye to the Element last weekend.

IMG_4092It’s now close to 60 degrees and sunny, into next week as well.  We’ll be outside enjoying it!

IMG_4085I had a horrible cold pretty much all week and it was a doozy.  I had been feeling fatigued the week before, mostly just from working out and not taking any long breaks from that for a LONG time.  Sure enough, I got this nasty cold on Sunday.  I laid on the couch while he was at school and only trained clients if I had to.  Skipped my night group workout.  Just too spent and I wanted to listen to my body.  As much as I want to go, go, go all the time I know it’s best to really rest when I need it.  I’m feeling much better.  Not all the way, but better.

IMG_4078He doesn’t sit still often and has never been into coloring, drawing, crafting or just being at the table like this in general.  These Ninja Turtle coloring pages though…he was there for at least 30 minutes!

IMG_4110Friday nights are pretty crazy around here…;)

IMG_4117Got to watch these silly ladies the other night.

IMG_4114Visited sister while Dan was out for a long tour Saturday.  The weather was beautiful for a visit!

IMG_4119Such handsome boys.

IMG_4107An awesome morning group training I taught last week.   Excited to start back up with them in two weeks!

Biking and skiing for the weekend…again 😉

IMG_4122Spring skiing at it’s finest.  SO gorgeous up there.


Off to teach spin and enjoy this beautiful weather all day with Sam. Have a great week!


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