Hello Monday

IMG_4071Happy TWO years old Ruby!  She turned another year older (and cuter) yesterday.

IMG_4067Got a little snow Saturday night. It was all melted off by yesterday afternoon, but we was out there taking full advantage of it before 8am.  Oh, and yes that’s a pink no-pedal bike and yes he LOVES it.  It was 10 bucks!  We’ll spray paint it green at some point 😉

IMG_4054Ski time with Ali and Siri.  These two ski so well and SO fast together now.  THE best.

IMG_4052It was sunny and snowing.

IMG_4062Apres hot chocolates.

IMG_4057Love her…missing my other sis, too.
He’s been shredding at the skate park. All alone while everyone is in school

IMG_3975FYI, this is delish in chai tea, smoothies, oatmeal…anything that you want some added sweet and richness to.  I don’t add any sugar in my tea since this is already fairly sweet for my taste (has 1g of cane sugar)

IMG_4063Movie night with Ali and family.  Thank you for taking him so we could go look at and drive a bunch of cars.  Sold the Element over the weekend.  That car has been great and very spacious for us, but it holds entirely too vivid and horrible memories for me when Naomi was born in there.  Moving forward with a new (to us) car and what a relief I already feel!  Hoping we decided on one tomorrow.

IMG_4051Last weeks group training class.  They were SO awesome!  I held two free trial classes for anyone to try to see if they’d like to join in on my regular sessions.  I was beyond stoked that a guy actually joined in.  I may have made him promise to come earlier in the week 😉

IMG_4042Plank til you can’t plank anymore.  CHOO!!

Excited to start a new sessions with more folks at the end of the month!

IMG_4061And a little motivation for you and accountability for me.  My awesome friend JenSavi took this the other day.  Sometimes I feel defeated or down or not good enough or whatever.  It’s hard not to compare myself to other fitness professionals, especially trainers (duh).  Sure I may carry more fat and loose skin than someone else, but my story, journey and how hard I work can’t compare.  This is me and I feel so empowered by photos like these.  I make the choice day in and day out to live this life and I live it well.  Sure, I may feel more tired some days and not as motivated, but I know that I feel better now than any other time in my adult life.  Progress NOT perfection.  Always.

Have a great week!
(Trying to get the videos at better resolution. Hopefully that’ll be fixed soon!)


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