Happy Monday!

danjamontour3Finally got some winter weather here the past two days.  Much colder today.  Almost a foot up in the mountains….the most we’ve had in six weeks!

danjamontourDan and Jamon got out this morning and skied some backcountry.  Days Fork and the Hallway Couloir.  About 3,500 feet of climbing for these turns.  Dan said, “it wasn’t that much climbing.”  Sure, whatever you say 😉

danjamontour2danjamontour4kissSam and I spent the morning together doing what we do.  Although lately, he’s been saying things like, “I’m not going to play with you ever again!”  And will go shut himself in his room or go pout in the corner, arms folded and all.  He’s also been saying, “I don’t have to listen to anything you say!”  And will stomp off or do whatever grumpy things he does.  I made him read two little books to me for a little school work they were sent home with ( he doesn’t like doing school-y type things right now unfortunately, even though he’s doing so well with reading!) and I think that’s what set him off.  We took this picture right before he proceeded to be mad at me, for who knows what til Dan came home.  He’s giving me a run for my money already at five years old.  Oh, he also threatened to stop playing with all of his toys and said he’d break all of them.   Great!  Less clean up each day for Mom and Dad 😉

girlsWatched these lovely ladies one night.  Ali and Mark have them so well “trained.”  Bedtime is usually always a breeze when I’m there at night.

friendsAnd these kids LOVE, love to play with each other.  Behr, Parks and a cute new little neighbor girl Peyton.  They all played together one afternoon last week for almost three hours, rotating between houses.  THE best!

wildzucchiniNew yummy place to eat.  Wild Zucchini near our house.  That salad was SO good!  Good thing cheese (and any lactose really) doesn’t agree with me cause that pizza smelled so freaking good I’d eat it all!  Not really, but I would have had more than I probably should have 😉

beastladiesAnd these awesome ladies.  My first round of group training, called the Gauntlet has come to an end with these eight.  They set the bar pretty high since they’re all in amazing shape and workout regularly, outside of this class.  I’m so, so glad I’m able to help push them and make them better and stronger each week.  It’s the best job in the world!

spentI most definitely made them suffer (in a good way)  the other day.  No better way to end the week in my opinion!

I’m  running two free sessions of the Gauntlet this week to rally more people to sign up.  Hoping to run another session in the next couple weeks.  It’s awesome because I can tailor it any fitness level or person.  I’ve got four regular clients I’m working with weekly plus my two spin classes and my own workouts, including my night Gauntlet class.  Staying busy being a stay at home mom and wife, all while working part time.  It’s going pretty awesome I’d say!

Have a great week and make sure you move your body, even if it’s just a long walk each day!


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