Moab in February {Happy Valentines Day!}

samwindowsBack from a quick weekend get away to Moab!  For the first time in 15 years I didn’t go there to camp or ride my mt. bike…crazy, I know 😉  When we booked the hotel room two weeks ago we didn’t even think about the fact that it was going to be President’s Day  combined with Valentine’s Day weekend.  Thank goodness it wasn’t as crazy busy as when we’ve been there in the past months of March and April.   Lots of people out, but not quite as crazy as those months.

We wanted to hike around and explore as much as we could…and we did!

nappingcarSnoozin’ on the way down.  He couldn’t stay awake despite how excited he was.

sandhillGot there around 5-5:30pm.  First stop, the huge sand hill on the side of the highway.  One of his favorite things.

hotelIt was pretty cold at night so I’m glad we stayed here.  Small, but the beds were comfy and he LOVED swimming in the hot tub our first night there.

dansamslickrocknightWent up to the Slick Rock bike trail before dinner Friday.  I pretty much knew that from the minute he started pedaling out there he’d love it.  Dan pushed him up the steep parts but he rode most the others.  He was LOVING it!  Was getting pretty dark as they made their way back.

Time for dinner!  One of our fav places after a long ride is Milt’s Stop and Eat.  If you want amazing fries, they have them.  Seriously.  They’ve been around since 1954.  LOVE this menu cover.  So old.

miltsWoke up to the sound of Sam, of course.  Our human alarm clock at 7am pretty much every day.  Hung out in the room until it warmed up a bit.  Both days were mostly sunny and 62-65 degrees.  SO lovely!

dansamwindowsFirst stop was the Windows.  Not many people out at 9am.  So nice.

danarchdansamexploreTook the primative trail around for a bit longer walk.  Saw a big Jack Rabbit on our way, too!

familywindowsmomsamwindowsstairshikinSince we’ve been biking so much, we haven’t hiked as much as we used to.  He complained about not wanting to hike, but we kept reminding him that’s why we drove all of this way and that there would be way cool things to see.  We’ve figured out that he does NOT like flat, non-technical hikes and walks.  The more rocks and scrambling the better.  He’ll cheer right up and hike all the way if it’s like that.  Hmmmm, I wonder if he takes after his Dad and Grandpa Mike?!

landscapesamdanLandscape Arch

dansamhikedoubleOSteep slick rock climbing up to Double O Arch.  This is more like his kind of hiking

doubleOsamlizSteep drop off right there.  I’m pretty terrified of heights like this, but he did great.  Was chilly up there, too!

lunchstopLunch break before Sand Dune Arch.  LOTS of people started to come out around 11am.

lizsamdunesLots of people at the Sand Dunes.  He still had tons of fun though!


fieryfurnaceThe Fiery Furnace was looking so pretty with the sky.  Hoping to hike in there when he’s older.

gelatoQuick stop for some Gelato before some quick down time at the hotel.  He asked me quietly while we were in line if I’d be his Valentine (and told me I could be his Valentine every year since I love him so much).  It was by far the cutest thing he’s said to me in his little life yet.  My heart was so full!

Another quick stop at the Fossil/All things vintage shop on the side of the road


sunsetDan and Sam went out for a quick ride while I enjoyed some time on the rocks and watched the sun set.  So pretty.

Waited entirely too long for a seat at dinner, but we were hungry and wanted to try a new place.  I think we wait over 45 mins  to eat.  Needless to say, Sam was TUCKERED right out when we got back to the hotel at 8pm.  He went right to sleep on his cozy little mattress  and slept soundly all.night.long (both nights in fact!)

samslickrockdansamsandMore riding yesterday morning.  He rode the 3 mile practice loop while Dan and I walked and ran next to him for the uphill and sandy parts.  Hoping we can ride this all together next year!  He did so awesome.

dandelicateBefore we left, we wanted to see Delicate Arch.  I’ve never seen it from this view.  I’m glad we did it this way instead of the other.  There were insane…and I mean insane amounts of people going up that trail and at the top. HOLY crowds!  Much more mellow over here and the views were awesome!

panomomsamdelicatefamilydelicatesamjumpsWhat a great way to end our weekend there.  Jumping off stuff and seeing more beautiful sights.  I was glad we just hiked around since we bike so much with him now.  But, you bet we’ll be going back with bikes the next time around.   Thankful we live just hours from places like this.  So gorgeous!


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