60’s and partly cloudy to sunny every.single.day.  Should continue through next weekend.  We might as well take advantage of how nice it is if we can’t get some rain or snow here.   We’ll gladly take cold and bad weather anytime now….

draperfeb4Spent the weekend biking in the morning, skiing in the afternoon.  Thankful there’s at least some snow up in the mountains to play on for now.

draperfeb3draperfeb4draperfebdraper5momSeriously though…tank tops and mountain bike trails in early February.  This is NOT right!

sirisamaltaTook Siri up with us Saturday afternoon.  She and Sam ski SO well together.  So, super fun.

splashpadMore biking last week.  That time at the splash pad.  This is way more his style than running through the cold water when it’s warmer out 😉

popciclesPopcicles, of course.

Huge random tire at the park.  Of course I would flip it, duh!

dark chocTwo of my favorite things.  YUM.

rubysamHi Ruby!  Watched Ali’s indoor soccer game with cousins Saturday night.

He’s been spending lots of time at the indoor bike park with Dan, too. This is the BIG kid room with all the big kid jumps. Like, these are huge jumps. He was brave enough to do one of them, “rolling in.” Go buddy!

gauntlet2Another awesome week of the Gauntlet for me.  I LOVE, love this group so much.  Every single one of us gets our butts kicked each time.  It’s the best kind of “torture!”  David, our trainer is in the middle in red. His main goal is to kill us off each time 😉

grptraining2And my own group training  is going great!  These ladies are all super strong, motivated and work so hard every Wed/Fri morning.  I love to make them suffer.  It’s SUCH a good feeling to know I’m helping them go beyond what they would normally do everyday.   Two weeks left with this group.  Hoping to start another session at the end of the month.  Staying busy, busy with  clients, group training, teaching spin and my own workouts + being a wife and mom doing everyday stuff.  LOVING life!


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