He’s FIVE! {and some Grandpa time}

IMG_3466Saturday we had a super fun {early} birthday party for Sam.  All he asked for was a Planes Fire and Rescue cake and a party with his cousins.  Sounds good to me!

I know the bishop of the ward in our neighborhood so we were able to use the church gym for his party.  Best.idea.ever!

IMG_3463Lots of scootering, biking, and running were done.  Such a good space to have something like this in the cold, wintery months.

IMG_3456IMG_3474We had running races along with a few games of “Cheese It’s” with Grandma Carol.  They LOVED this game.  We used to play it every Sunday with my Grandpa Fetzer in their backyard during the warm months.  Best memories.

IMG_3476Thank you cousins for your generous gifts and for celebrating this big kid.  He really is THE best.

IMG_3435Earlier in the week he had a surprise visit from Grandpa Mike!  He was on his way from some time at Ellen’s and Targhee so he came through for Tuesday night through early Thursday morning.  Short, but oh so sweet.  That made Sam’s week for sure!

IMG_3441Skied together.  Sam’s been shredding so much lately.  He’s been trying to carve from edge to edge “like Grandpa does” all week.  And, he’s skiing so fast.  A little too fast sometimes for my comfort 😉

IMG_3442And we always eat really yummy food when he’s here.  Chabaar is our new favorite place.

IMG_3447Got some solo time skiing at Alta on Thursday.  This rarely happens, so it was a nice treat on a beautiful day.  I couldn’t help but make turns in honor of a friend of ours Bryce,  who passed away in an avalanche (in Europe) a week ago.  He would have been 20 years old this week and was on his way to racing on the US ski team.  We’ve known his family for 12+ years now.  I taught he and his little brother in my AYC group that last year I taught at Alta.  Bryce was 7.5 yrs old and Chris was 5.5 yrs old.  I got to rip around with those little groms every Saturday!  SUCH good memories and my heart just breaks for their family.  They are amazingly strong though.  I was lucky enough to ski with Jason, Chris and Jamie (their Dad) on Thursday.  Also got to hug and chat with their Mom at the end of the day after meeting up with Dan and Sam.  We’ll be going to a celebration of his life this week.

And Ruby…oh, this little lady is such a trooper.  If you don’t know what’s currently happening, here’s Ali and Mark’s blog for ALL of the up-to-date info.  They were able to remove ALL of the mass.  BEST news ever.  The neck brace however, is not so fun   But, considering the circumstances all went amazingly smooth and her doctors are really pleased.  I’m sure she can’t wait to see her sisters after being away from them for over three days!


IMG_3485IMG_3507She had a rough go as soon as she came out of anesthesia, but she was able to come home yesterday afternoon.  Miracles I tell you!
Got to visit her tonight. She was in SUCH a good mood since Sam was just playing and playing with her 🙂

IMG_3449Got to hang with these ladies all day Friday while Ruby was in surgery.  They are the best of friends.  I feel so blessed to have them in our life.

And this week I take my CPR/AED training on Wednesday, followed by my CPT exam on Saturday! Here’s to all the good vibes that I pass.  I KNOW i will!  I’m also starting a totally awesome circuit style/high intensity class led by my trainer this week.  I’m not doing any one on one’s with him anymore, but will be able to continue working out with he and 10 others amazing athletes every Monday and Wednesday night.  Can’t wait!

And we’ll celebrate Sam turning five on Tuesday.  Celebrations all day!


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