It’s a New Year

Happy New Year!

We didn’t do anything exciting this time around.  Dan and Sam went to the indoor trampoline place for Jane’s Birthday then came home with some burgers.  Sam was in bed by 8pm and we followed not long after around 10:15.  Just how we like it!

IMG_3404Took Janie on a special date for her birthday.  They had THE best time.  I admit that I spoil my nieces and nephews sometimes.  I love them!

IMG_3405IMG_3393Spent some time at the bike park.  He’s still getting used to using the hand brakes.  When I was with him he took a pretty awesome endo, right onto his side.  He was done after that…BUT, then he went back with Dan on Saturday and had the best time!  He met a new friend named River,  who’s a total shredder on his bike.  Sam needs to follow him around more 😉

IMG_3396Watching the older kids go off the BIG jumps.

IMG_3407New group Conditioning class at the gym.  It’s a free class taught by our Personal Trainers.  Used only our body weight and the TRX bands for the entire class.  It was HARD.  I’m pretty sore today still.


Family ski time yesterday.  He’s still shredding through the trees!

IMG_3423Ribs, roast veggies and Lego movie over at Ali’s afterwards.  Delish!  Thanks guys.  Oh, and Ruby-for those of you wondering…surgery has been postponed since she had RSV.  Hoping they can get it rescheduled just as soon as possible and please, please hope Ruby stays healthy leading up to it!

IMG_3398My word for 2015.  BE.  I want to Be all of these things and more.  Be off of social media more.  Be present.  Be awesome.  Be grateful.  Be in the moment!  And, as this new year gets going, the main goal right now is to pass my CPT exam and start to work and set things up at the gym.  I’m still trying to figure out how all of this will work, as life will become much busier while being a working, stay at home Mom.  I’ll probably have to give up one of my spin classes, but I’ll figure that all out after I actually take the test and get the good news 🙂

I welcome any of my family or friends who’d like a boost in their fitness life and need some motivation to get in touch with me.  I’m here to help and would love to see you progress, change and succeed!  Please don’t hesitate to ask for advice or help.  I want to help people feel their best and get out of their comfort zone.  It takes a mentally strong mind and  attitude to change things up a bit and to feel comfortable with BEING uncomfortable.  That is where change happens and I want to see people through that!

I have several other goals and things in mind for this year, so here’s to getting them done and accomplishing new things in 2015!



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