Christmas {with Grandma Jane!}

IMG_3164Last Monday brought snow, wind and lots of swimming at Snowbird with our dear friends from Washington DC.  We LOVE when they come into town!  We swam, hung out in their condo at the Lodge and Tipp made a super yummy dinner for all of us.  Can’t wait to see him again in three months!

IMG_3183Christmas Eve was very mellow.  I taught spin in the morning, followed by brunch with these silly cousins.  Siri and Jane had terrible colds, but we decided to go over anyway since Sam had just finished having a small one himself.

IMG_3186Grandma Jane got in that afternoon.  We headed home for a beyond delicious meal made by Dan.  Seriously people, this pot roast was AMAZING!  Roasted veggies and a cauliflower/potato puree on the side.  Dessert was toasted almond gelato with Dan’s berry sauce.  Delish!IMG_3192YUM!

IMG_3191IMG_3210Since the weather was getting pretty bad, instead of heading to the torch light parade at Snowbird, we opted for the lights at Draper park.  It was SO windy but oh so pretty!

IMG_3213Home to open a book and small gift from Grandma and then off to bed!

IMG_3226IMG_3227Jane and I watched White Christmas.  LOVE, love that movie.

Christmas morning.  The holidays are SO fun with kids.  I didn’t really want anything for Christmas this year, other than to see how amazing it is through his eyes 🙂

He was pretty excited 😉

IMG_3244IMG_3247IMG_3253I had no idea what Dan was hiding.  A new computer for our home!  Very much needed indeed.

IMG_3277He also surprised me with this awesome text book from an upper level college Physiology class.  More learning and info for when I pass my CPT exam on Janaury 17th!  Dan finally found some new ski touring boots and I had a beautiful portrait painted of our little family.


IMG_3270IMG_3259IMG_3280We also woke to a very white Christmas outside!  It snowed all day and night and into Friday.

IMG_3317Spent all afternoon and evening in Kamas with my Mom and John.  I just love their home during the holiday.  It’s beautiful!


IMG_3328IMG_3314IMG_3312IMG_3333New PJ’s for the grand kids.

IMG_3299Grandpa’s train is a huge hit with the kids as well.

IMG_3295Got the new hand brakes down in their basement, too.

Thank you everyone for the generous gifts and treats.  We are so lucky and blessed!

IMG_3344Beautiful day and snow to shovel on Friday.


IMG_3352Went to our favorite brunch spot, then to visit Naomi.

IMG_3353IMG_3367Next up, swimming with the girls.  They were feeling better at this point, thank goodness.


IMG_3362Worked up our appetite for some Oh Mai that night.  So good.

Dan and Mark went our for a VERY cold but awesome backcountry tour on Saturday morning.  Beautiful!


IMG_3366Also on Saturday, Sam got sick as sick can be.  I could tell Friday before bed that something was up.  Coughing a bit and raspy lungs. He was up four times in the night and ended up in our bed at 3am.   From 10am on he was like this.  He went from the couch, to bed and back and  His breathing was very labored and the cough, oh the cough was so sad.  Every time he felt a cough coming on, he would just cry and that would cause him to stop breathing.  So scary.  Just hearing him breath broke our hearts, it was awful.  I finally got some medicine to  help loosen up the junk.  He was in bed for the night at 6:45pm and thank freaking goodness he was able to sleep in his own bed all night, waking only to pee and remind me to turn the warm humidifier back on 😉  His breathing still sounded bad, but was MUCH better by mid morning.  We just kept it very mellow (watching Planes Fire and Rescue and Frozen) until Grandma left on Sunday afternoon.  He’s finally feeling like himself today, although this cough is still nasty.

IMG_3368Til next time Jane!  We love you so much!

IMG_3378I headed to Kamas for our last Sunday dinner with Jenn and her family.  I have to admit it was very emotional. My siblings.  I love them all so much! Jenn and Dave started the drive to Palo Alto yesterday and are making great time, with some stops along the way.  I wish them the best of luck settling in and can’t wait to visit!

IMG_3377With Mom and John.

I’ve been teaching lots of spin and still working out with my trainer once a week.  I set up the date to take my CPT exam on January 17th, at Westminster College.  SO, so excited…and nervous for sure.  I ate lots of yummy food and treats over the holiday.  I’m all for treats and yummy food, but not all the time.  It’s just too tempting for this gal.  Glad there won’t be so much of that around anymore.

And today…Happy 4th Birthday to Jane!  A New Year’s Eve birthday is sure to be a party!

I’ve got some goals in mind for the new year.  Nothing big, except to pass this exam.  Mostly small things for our family and our home.











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