Christmas time

IMG_3128Busy weekend of super fun holiday parties.   This one, from our friends place in Park City.  A nice little cozy home in the woods.  Sam was LOVING it!

IMG_3136Dan’s work party at the Grand America.  Their Sunday brunch is NO joke.  I’ve really never seen so much good food in one space.  I only ate once yesterday, so full!

IMG_3137Had to explore the cool windows and giant gingerbread house, of course.

IMG_3138IMG_3149IMG_3141He works with some really great people.  Jim and Dora are so generous, thank you!

IMG_3151IMG_3144And a great excuse to dress up nice 🙂

IMG_3091Friday-Sam’s last day of school before winter break.  I just love these little programs they do for the parents.

IMG_3086Turns out, they quite like each other.  I mean…she’s way cute, right?  They had to sit next each other.

IMG_3096Dan’s first time being able to come to one of these programs.  LOVE!

IMG_3064Took a train ride at the mall.

IMG_3074Earlier in the week we went to see a friend from high schools new bakery.  The Baking Hive.  Oh my does she makes amazing sweets!  She also has a little kids nook where they can decorate hats and cupcakes and cookies.  So fun to go with our cousins, too!

IMG_3073IMG_3075I love that he decorated his bookshelf all by himself, lights and all.

We’re looking forward to Grandma Jane coming this week to spend Christmas with us and the few following days after.  Cannot wait!

And, I can’t wait to sweat out that Sunday brunch starting…now!

IMG_3083Happy, happy Christmas from our little family!

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