Happy Monday

IMG_2988Started last week out sunny and close to 60 everyday.

IMG_3043Finally got a little bit of snow in the valley here last night.  He was stoked!  And, Dan got to get out on a nice tour as well.  Win Win!

IMG_3011Sunrise one day last week.  Beautiful!

IMG_3034Annual ladies baking night with my sisters, Mom, sis in laws and niece Emily.  THE best!

IMG_3039IMG_3031IMG_3032IMG_3008My most favorite Naomi ornaments.  I just love, love them.

IMG_3048More Christmas.  This word really speaks to me.

IMG_3030A good way for me to remember how far I’ve come.  Sometimes I get trapped into comparing myself with others who I feel look or are better than me (I’m only human!).  Then, I see comparisons like this and think, duh!  I’m so proud and SO happy of where I’ve been and where/how I am now.  110%!

IMG_2997And these two.  Oh man.  It’s really hard to think about the fact that they will be moving to CA in just three short weeks.  Max and Sam…not only do they get along and play so well together, they just really LOVE each other.  We took Max on a special date for his Christmas gift from Sam.  Lunch, Jump around Utah and donuts.  Best gift ever!  They jumped and played and jumped some more all afternoon long.  The best was when they were telling each other made-up stories in the backseat while we were driving.  All about haunted houses and halloween stuff.   We’ll have an extra good excuse to go visit a new part of California now.  We’ll miss you like crazy, but so excited for your new adventures!


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