O Christmas Tree

IMG_2942He was WAY into decorating the tree this year, all on his own.  I noticed the next day we didn’t put on as many as usual.  When I came home from teaching spin, there were LOTS more decorations on there.  I don’t even care if they’re in the “wrong” place or too close or whatever.  I just love that he was so passionate about doing this.  Chose this tree from the same lot as last year.  Small family owned place nearby.  Real trees FOR THE WIN! (and smell!)

IMG_2957Gingerbread houses were made.  It was cheap, but I wasn’t in the mood to make stuff on my own 😉

IMG_2945Our first time to the Festival of Trees.  What an awesome event!  Not only did he love and run to almost all the trees…etc, all proceeds go to Primary Children’s Hospital.  Ruby has spent time there and will spend more time there in the coming months.  I’m all about donating our money to a really good cause.

IMG_2936Random trip to the mall.  This one has a train and Carousel to ride.

IMG_2953He just can’t stay awake during quiet time every once in a while.  It’s tiring being almost five sometimes!

IMG_2961Just because

IMG_2932FINALLY got my rings resized and cleaned.  I haven’t worn these for about 1.5 years because of how big they’ve gotten.  It’s like I have brand new rings all over again.  Beautiful!

IMG_2967More ski time!  Our first time up all three of us together this season.  Good thing we don’t need super great, new snow to ski with Sam.  The weather here is crazy. Warm everyday, sun and NOT December like at all.  Some snow would be really nice sometime in the near future.

 Ever since he went skiing with Grandpa Mike, he’s been shredding through the trees like it’s no big deal.  So proud of him and even more excited that he loves it!

And a couple videos from the gym.  I don’t lift super heavy all the time anymore since I’ve been focusing on power and endurance.  By working on that stuff and mixing in a few heavy lifting days, I was able to PR most of these lifts (he filmed two more).  I had a 1 rep max on the flat bench of 135, my heaviest yet!  Here, I had already done 19 reps and this was my last set of 5 @ 55lbs.  (35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs then 55lbs)

 And dips.  It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I can do all of these without the assistance of a machine.  Here I had already done 19 reps, this was the last set of 5.  All of this stuff I’ve been making personal records on has has taken me over 1.5 years to work up to.  I’m dedicated and passionate about living this life and I CANNOT WAIT to help others after I take my personal trainer exam…hopefully by early February! 🙂

Have a wonderful, Christmas-y week!


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