It’s ski time!

IMG_2865First day of our season last week!  He picked up right where we left off with him last spring.  It’s been pretty awesome watching in progress, even just the last three days.  He’s gone from skiing on the groomers mainly, to skiing in the trees through the powder!
He doesn’t always stay on his feet 😉

But most the time he does and it’s so, so fun!

 IMG_2868Pink cheeks and a treat at his favorite place afterwards.  Goldminers!

cousinsLots of cousin time over the weekend, too.

IMG_2924Grandpa and Ellen came back through town from Colorado to California.  So.much.playing!

IMG_2925I just love that they are making these memories together.  I remember so many days of skiing when I was growing up.  I didn’t love all of them at first, but I’m SO glad my mom enabled us to be out there.

Bummer Grandpa has to leave today, but hoping he can come visit sometime again this winter.

And I’ve been doing a lot of this.  Lots and lots of studying and trying to remember and comprehend tons of info about the human body.  Lots of science and anatomy, which I was never very good at in school 🙂

IMG_2917IMG_2926Not much else going on around here.  Playing, skiing, enjoying this Christmas time of year, studying, teaching spin and staying warm.  Have a great week!






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