Happy Thanksgiving

IMG_2862I am SO thankful for everyone and everything I have in my life.  We are so grateful for everything we have and all of the people we have in our lives.  There are just way too many things to list that I could say I’m thankful for, especially because I try to be thankful all year long 🙂

IMG_2874I started the day out right teaching an awesome spin class, packed full!  I love all of these people and I’m so glad I get to help them become better and stronger each week.

Sam and I watched the Macy’s parade while Dan went on a trail run, then time to head up to Grandma’s in Kamas!

IMG_2878They both slept the entire way up.  Wonderful silence! 😉

IMG_2892Just a small group of us this year.  Ali’s family, my aunt and uncle and some of their family.  It was perfect.

IMG_2883Them.  I’m so very thankful for them.

IMG_2880He definitely doesn’t always like taking pictures.

IMG_2888IMG_2909My mom and her older sister Janna.  Oh, and some beautiful and tasty pie!

IMG_2915IMG_2904Went out for a walk after dinner as the sun was setting.  Pure beauty!

IMG_2901Hope you all had a wonderful day full of family, yummy food and lots of fun!




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