Sunny and Warm {GNO St. George}

The past four days were just awesome!

IMG_2813Hooray for beautiful and mild weather.  And, that we all got to be together again for our 4th annual girls weekend down south!

IMG_2758My Mom, Ali, Jenn and I spent four lovely days at Ali’s in-laws in St. George.  One of my most favorite and looked forward to trips of the year.  We stopped to eat lunch at El Bambi Cafe.  SERIOUSLY good people! YUM!

IMG_2759Got a nice hike/walk in at sunset.  Got off the trail in the dark.  I just love that these trails are right out the door of the house.  It’s their backyard basically.

IMG_2773IMG_2769IMG_2762Friday we slept in and headed to Snow Canyon for a while.

IMG_2776Petrified Sand Dunes.  Way cool.  Sam would LOVE hiking around here!

IMG_2796IMG_2808My Mom is awesome.

IMG_2783There will little pebble like rocks all over here and the texture in the dunes was pretty amazing.  A yummy lunch, frozen yogurt and a couple hours of Christmas shopping later we were home for the night.  Uninterrupted games, cooking shows, HGTV and reading were a luxury 🙂

IMG_2846Went out for a solo trail run Saturday morning.  It was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted to do!  Brunch at the Bear Paw was delish, followed by more hiking around on new- to -us trails.

IMG_2850IMG_2851Found some cool stuff.  Back home for dinner, games and movie watching (Sleepless in Seattle).  THE best!

IMG_2855I’m so, so, so thankful for these women in my life.  I’m so glad we make time to do this and to take time for ourselves once a year.  Jenn will be moving to Palo Alto in a month.  I’ve said it before…just thinking about it gets me teary eyed.  What an awesome adventure for them though.  It will be SO great!  Thanks ladies for another wonderful long girls weekend.


IMG_2755And in a few other things to note.  We visited our little angel last week.  He kept touching and kissing her headstone.  Be still my heart.

IMG_2732It’s looking festive around here already.  I LOVE it!

Dan and Sam had a great time together without me 😉  Like, the best time.  Especially since Grandpa Mike was here for the weekend!  Had to do some riding at the indoor park.  He’s getting better and better everytime, it’s pretty amazing.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

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