Baby it’s COLD outside

Is it January?  Oh no, it’s not.  It’s just mid November but it feels like January or February.  We maybe made it to 30 degrees yesterday, probably not though.

IMG_2701Woke up to our first real snow in the valley Saturday morning.  He.was.stoked!

IMG_2704Had to go right out by 7:45am of course.  It was warmer this day than it was yesterday.  SO cold!

IMG_2675Good thing we got all of the fall trimming and pruning done right before.  And we should have bought him a little wheel barrow of his own a long time ago.  He wanted to do ALL the yard work!

IMG_2670Happy Birthday Jenn (and Justin) last Tuesday.  She requested some time at the gym with us, so that’s what we did.  I lead these two in a super fun workout since I had already worked out with my coach an hour before 🙂

IMG_2673Some play time with his cute friend Leah.  These two play SO well together.  They requested a show with snacks on his bed, with cozy blankets.

IMG_2692He doesn’t play games on the tablet nearly as much as some of his friends and family, but last week he was WAY into Angry Birds.
And doing flips off the couch. Over and over and over!

IMG_2700Ruby and Sam time. I just love this picture.

IMG_2698Dumping dried beans into containers was genius!

IMG_2718Dinner in Kamas with family last night.  Happy Birthday Mom, Jenn, Justin, Mark and Sheri!

IMG_2721My love.

 This weekend Dan and Sam also checked out Wasatch Indoor Bike Park .  Perfect for winter time fun on bikes!  They’ll be adding more stuff in the next couple months.

indoorbike indoorbike2

IMG_2713And this.  This is my next step on this journey in life and I’m going for it!  I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about getting certified to be a personal trainer for a while now, but only got serious about it in the last month or so.  I’m learning SO much from my coach David, using him as my mentor the last month so that I can gain more knowledge for what will certainly be a difficult but very doable test!   It’ll probably take me a couple months to study and take the test and that’s OK. I want lots of time to feel prepared so that I pass on my first go.  If all goes well and as planned, I’ll be able to work part time at my current gym.  This was a pretty big decision for me and I know that no matter what happens in my life, this will always keep me accountable and be one of the reasons to always live this lifestyle of health and fitness.

And speaking of fitness…another awesome workout last week, this time David made me wear a 40lb vest instead of the usual 25 pounder 😉  To say I was worked is putting it lightly.  I was totally spent after that circuit!  THE best.


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