Happy Monday

IMG_2635Someone is in the Christmas spirit already.  He begged to get his santa hat out of storage.  He was sad to find out there are still a couple weeks before we start to decorate, especially since we’re bombarded with SO much holiday stuff in every.single.store we go to.  Tonight he told me we could just “decorate my room and keep it a secret!”  Ha!  I love the holidays, especially with him now and admit to wanting to put up the lights soon 🙂

IMG_2657Our amazing, mild fall continues.  All last week was gorgeous!  Cold weather coming tomorrow.

IMG_2652Lots of playing outside.

IMG_2647We’ve been playing “trucks and trailers” A LOT lately.

IMG_2641Another trip to the dentist.  We weren’t so lucky this time, leaving with one small cavity that needs to be filled in two weeks.

IMG_2639Sister time one night last week.  I’m going to cry A LOT, probably more than I even realize when Jenn moves at the end of December.  I am so, so excited for them though!

IMG_2620A visit to Grandma Sandy’s (Ali’s mother-in-law)  Sam loves going to her house to see Charlie dog and play up in her awesome play room.  She is such a sweet woman.

movienightThis whole getting dark really early thing is throwing me off.  I keep thinking it’s much later than it really is.  Times like these call for blow up mattresses on the floor and watching movies together.  The best!

So thankful Dan is in town all this week.  He was gone again most of last week.  A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother Justin and sister Jenn on Tuesday.  I LOVE YOU BOTH!




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