The haps {Happy Halloween!}

IMG_2580What a beautiful and warm Halloween this year.  Mild, some wind but mostly just perfect.

IMG_2597They sky was showing off while we wandered the streets.

IMG_2592Sam and Behr.  Best neighbor friends for sure.  We met a bunch of families in our neighborhood for some good old trick or treating.  These two sprinted (and I mean sprinted!) to each house for almost an hour straight!  He was tuckered right out and in bed around 8pm.  After the last house he wanted to go to, he stopped and said, “I’m done, I don’t need anymore candy, let’s go.”  We were more than OK with that 🙂

IMG_2588IMG_2577Visited Grandma Carol earlier in the day with these ladies.  Ruby really is the cutest chicken EVER.

Super cute program and costume party at preschool.  THE best!


IMG_2574A bike riding shark, of course.

IMG_2562Their masterpieces on all Hallow’s Eve.

IMG_2550He asked to paint pumpkins one morning.  It had to be blue paint with glitter.  I’m not crafty, but I did manage to have both of these things in the house.

We had a super fun day.  Special days and Holidays are just so much more fun with kids.  The excitement is contagious!


IMG_2541Earlier in the week he fell asleep two different days during quiet time.  It’s VERY rare that happens anymore these days but if he’s tired,  I must let him sleep a bit.

IMG_2554Last soccer game of the season!  Thank you Jamon and Chelsea for the yummy cupcakes for the team.  He is SO proud of his trophy.

IMG_2612IMG_2614I  had the best time coaching!   What a great experience to get to know these boys and  help them learn how to play.  Every single one of them was so wonderful.  They all gave me treats, notes and HUGE hugs to say goodbye and thank you.  I’m sure I’ll coach again someday, but I’m excited for spring soccer where I’ll be a cheering parent on the sidelines 🙂

IMG_2551Reading this book.  Everyone should read/listen this!  Eye opening, that’s for sure.

IMG_2608Baking with Dad.  He was such a good helper and so into it, asking all sorts of questions about the ingredients and how the mixer works.

I really hope this video makes you laugh.



And that this one gives you some motivation for a great week to go out and sweat!






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