We missed you, Dad!

These are always the best, best moments…

IMG_2534Dan has been gone for work a lot in the last two weeks…10 days to be exact.  I’m so thankful and appreciate how hard he works for our family.  It’s hard having him gone, but we always try to keep busy and make the most of our alone time.


IMG_2421Last Monday we started the week off right going to Gardner Village to see all the witches.  I had to remind Sam probably five times that they weren’t real, just pretend 🙂  Met up with cousins for a bit. Gah!  We’re going to miss them like crazy when they move to CA. (but SO happy for them!)

IMG_2429Then some friends for the last bit.

IMG_2457Got to take Ruby for two afternoons while Ali’s new door/windows…etc. were happening.  Lots of craziness at their house!

IMG_2433Siri’s soccer game.

IMG_2459Random quiet time/rest in the basement since Ruby was down in the bedroom napping.  He just had to be close 😉

IMG_2491He plays hard with these two boys (Behr & Parks).  SO glad we’re such close neighbors!

IMG_2474Played hard in his second to last soccer game.  He did great!

IMG_2499Random green motorcycles that he’s super stoked on.

IMG_2500IMG_2502Took Jane with us to his version of the best, most awesome pumpkin patch ever.  Dusty and Mater were there!

IMG_2504And a cool corn maze, too.

IMG_2508Thank you Ali for letting Sam play Saturday morning while I rode with Matt.  I don’t get to ride with my brother often, but when I do we have THE best time.  It was so beautiful and warm.

IMG_2510I burned through almost 1300 calories on that ride so we finally went to Black Bear Diner.  He’s been wanting to go forever so we took Siri.  I could barely finish half of what was on my plate.  Epic portions there.  It was pretty darn good though.

IMG_2490And some more motivation for you, but mostly for me on this Monday.  Holy crap I’ve come so far!  I’m so proud of where I am now and all the hard work and dedication this takes.   This is a lifestyle for me forever, I’ve said that many times.  I’m finally, finally in a place where I’m so content and comfortable in my own skin.  The pic on the left was taken two days after we got married, on our honeymoon in Jackson, WY.

And speaking of hard work, I normally do stuff like this at least once a week with my coach.  He pushes me to do things I wouldn’t do on my own and I LOVE it.  Going out of my comfort zone on a regular basis is something I thrive on and something I’ve discovered through this process that makes me SO happy!  Everything I did this day was a pyramid.  I did these ropes at the beginning of the workout (10, 20, 30…to 50) and then again at the end (50, 40, 30…10). I.was.worked.


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