Hello Monday

I feel like I write about how awesome the weather has been for quite some time now.

But that’s because it’s been amazing around here!

IMG_2400So much good biking over the weekend.  The weather has been in the low 70’s and sunny pretty much everyday.

IMG_2398Riding in Draper (Corner Canyon)

IMG_2408And more riding at Trailside before heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s for family dinner.  Dan pulling him up the steepest part before the top of one of their fav trails.

He gets better and better everytime he’s up there.  It’s pretty awesome to watch his progression since the beginning of the summer.

In that first video, I forget how fast he come into that section.  He was hauling!

IMG_2386Friday afternoon we hosted our annual friend/cousin Halloween party.  I think this was our third year.  They all looked so great! (James, Juliet, Mac, Ford, Kate, Max, Eve, Siri, Ruby, Leah, Sam, Clara, Jane. Missed Carter and Lincoln in the pic)  SO many fun kids just hanging out together while us Mom’s chatted away.  The best.

IMG_2380IMG_2389Thank you Julia for bringing lots of hula hoops.  I forget how fun those things are!

IMG_2379Farmers Market earlier that morning.  Not crowded, nice and cool and lots of produce and pumpkins to choose from.

IMG_2371Thank you Sedra for letting us come to the Aquarium with you guys.  We love, love it!

IMG_2368He’s been alternating between a frog and a shark the past week.  We’ll see what he decides to be on Halloween…probably 20 mins before we go trick or treating 🙂

IMG_2363The sunrise was AMAZING and so beautiful one morning last week.  Good thing we’re up right at seven so we didn’t miss it.

IMG_2364Glowing pink shark!

IMG_2412And a big thank you to Grandpa John for taking all the grandkids around in the front loader.  These guys were in heaven!  Inside there was Enzo, Max, Sam, Jane, Siri and Kate.  Best time ever for those boys.

IMG_2416See ya!

the FAM 2014_301And a few more family pictures.  I love pretty much every single one Mark took.  I’m sure we’ll use one of two for a Christmas card, but for sure we’ll be hanging some in the house.  Thank you again!

the FAM 2014_011the FAM 2014_061the FAM 2014_148the FAM 2014_214the FAM 2014_125Sam is back to school this week after fall break and some days off of school.  We’ll be riding and playing outside as much as we can.  Oh, and he has two soccer games left.  He’s been doing SO awesome.  I’ll post more pictures of that next week.  Off to teach spin, where I’m sure to sweat a lot and feel amazing afterwards! 🙂



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