More fall time


A little sneak peak of the family photos my brother-in-law Mark took last week.  Seriously, I love every single image I’ve seen.  He is THE best.  Pier23

IMG_2285I’ll post more when I get all of the images from him.  LOVE it!

IMG_2247IMG_2283We had the most perfect weather all week.  Low 70’s and sun, sun and more sun.  He and Dan have been working on digging this huge hole.  It’s quite impressive actually 🙂

IMG_2300Tuckered out.  He doesn’t usually fall asleep anymore during quiet time, but Saturday he must have been tired from our awesome bike ride in the morning.


The weather was pretty amazing Saturday, so was the dirt!  We rode up our fav trail again and rode back down, just the three of us.  This kid gets better everytime.

IMG_2329I baked a little.  Not the best thing I’ve ever made, but I wanted to use up a bunch of zucchini we had.  Zucchini spiced muffins. (Eggs, vanilla, rice flour, baking soda, honey, banana, pumpkin pie spices, zucchini)   I should bake more to get better at it 🙂

IMG_2313Spent some time at Oktoberfest with Jenn Saturday.  This couple right here…I’ve seen them up there every year we’ve gone up for the past 20 years.  I swear they never age and they are always dancing.  It’s pretty adorable actually.

IMG_2301Our neighbor had tram passes they let us use and kids under six are free.  It was cold and windy and COLD but so beautiful.  We sure are going to miss these guys when they move to CA in January.  (I cry as I write that, ugh!)


IMG_2319I love fall.

IMG_2324And I also love mother nature at her finest.

IMG_2326A cold front came through in the middle of the night with snow up high and some wind, rain and hail down here.  MUCH cooler.

samtrailsideThey still went up to Trailside for some laps anyway.  Got snowed out!  He is SUCH a trooper and smiled the whole time.  He told me on the phone how cool it was that they got to ride in the snow.

IMG_2331Sunday stroll.IMG_2336He wants to climb every big rock.

IMG_2340Typical Dan.

IMG_2342Last nights sunset.  Amazing.

IMG_2341And a total comfort food meal for the cold.  Pot roast and roasted veggies.  That gravy Dan made.  Nom, nom, nom!

We have a week full of playing outside, school, spin classes and some Halloween fun.  Make sure you move your body and eat all the good for you foods!


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