Happy Monday!

It’s been another beautiful weekend around here.

IMG_2209Dan, Sam, Re and I rode bikes yesterday.  It.was.PERFECT.  Dan towed Sam up one of our favorite trails in Draper.  He was quite the scene at the top, being so small and all 🙂  Re and I continued on up for more riding while the boys rode down to the skills park for a while.

IMG_2205One thing I know for sure, is that one of the greatest joys in life for us right now is the fact that Sam is LOVING being on his bike…and not just riding around the street, but he prefers the trails and dirt just like us.  He’s 4.5 yrs old, shredding like he’s much older.  It is awesome.

IMG_2233We went to our favorite pumpkin patch twice over the weekend.  Mostly because they’ve got these things….

IMG_2218IMG_2197He and Dan went down those two slides for over two hours!

IMG_2215Thank you Jenn for the huge tomatoes for our homemade soup.  Delicious!

trailsideDan and Sam spent some time at Trailside again.  Doing what they do…

 IMG_2174Loves from Ruby.

IMG_2182The view from his soccer game.  It was COLD that night but oh so beautiful!

IMG_2179IMG_2184And one of our favorite long time friends Carter turned FIVE on Friday.  Thank you Davidson’s for a super fun party, especially those cupcakes and LEGO cake.  Sam was in heaven.  We sure love you!

IMG_2186And speaking of Carter, here’s a sweet flashback of them when they first met in the fall of 2010.  Carter had just turned one and Sam was 10 months.  They were TOO cute.

We’ll be outside all week, with temps in the low 70’s and sunny all day long.


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