It’s fall and some cabin time

IMG_2103It’s THE most wonderful time of year!

IMG_2095My new favorite picture of him.  We came home from the beach and I kept thinking and dreaming of it.  Then, we headed up to Park City for an afternoon and I forgot all about that 🙂  Seriously, this really is my most favorite time of year.  LOVE it.

IMG_2080bdayI had a wonderful birthday last week.  Friends over for a BBQ and chatting.  The best.

IMG_2068Thank you Jamon and Chelsea.  They are beautiful!

IMG_2069Spent an afternoon with cousin Enzo (3 yrs old).  They played and played for 3 hours straight!

IMG_2104There’s a whole lot of joy in this picture.

IMG_2107Headed up to our cabin for the day on Saturday.  The rain wouldn’t keep us away, especially since all of the cousins were going to be there.  That rarely happens these days.

IMG_2111Down the dirt road.  Almost there.

IMG_2148The older cousins.  They love each other so much.

IMG_2132Izac, Emily, Sam

IMG_2139Izac (10 yrs old) taught us how to shoot a BB gun at the target on the tree.  Sam thought it was the coolest thing.

IMG_2119A walk up to the Hunt cabin between heavy rains.  My aunt Joan is a Hunt and their cabin is about 5 mins up the road.

IMG_2116Liz, Izac, Grandma, Jane, Kate, Siri

IMG_2114IMG_2122IMG_2128The view from our big windows.

IMG_2135Pushing the dump truck down the hill.  Over and over and over 🙂

IMG_2155We had the best time.  I love, love that most of us could be there and Grandma here with most of her grandchildren.  Was a great last visit up there for the year.

IMG_2072And you know me, I love some good motivation on Monday’s.  I especially love some comparison/side by side pictures to keep me inspired and moving.  Left is at our friend Laurent’s home in Hood River years ago.  I’ve come a long way, that’s for sure!

Have a great week and go get your body moving!


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