California 2014 {SoCal}

IMG_1801He couldn’t wait to get on the plane.  He watched and watched until we got on.  He was SUCH a good traveler the entire time.  We were lucky!


IMG_1808LAX is crazy and it takes forever to just get from the terminal to your rental car.  Like, hours.  Finally made it to Nanny and Papa’s house around 2pm.

IMG_1809They have two beautiful orange tress and a big lemon one as well.  We drank fresh OJ both mornings we were there.  DELICIOUS!

IMG_1813One of the best parts of their house.  The huge fish tank outside.

IMG_1817Sam really wanted to go to the beach, so we went for just a bit before dinner our first night.

IMG_1824IMG_1841He was pretty timid, but quickly got over it the next day.  It was pretty windy and cloudy this day.

IMG_1876Topaz beach in Redondo.

IMG_1879Dean family beach day!

IMG_1909He loved the water so much!  He got more and more brave by the hour.

IMG_1916Three generations.

IMG_1887IMG_1911Lots of playing, then breaks, then playing some more!

IMG_1910A little more playing before we headed to the hotel in Manhattan beach to meet Grandma Jane, Kelly and Andy.  Wedding time!

IMG_1988We have missed you Grandma!

IMG_1928Shade Hotel.  It was beautiful!  The ceremony was short and sweet and just perfect.

IMG_1941Even Nanny and Papa walked down the aisle. 92 years young and married for 70 years.  SO awesome.

IMG_1978Lots of playing with Grandpa that night.

IMG_1951Andy, Kelly, Mike, Jane, Us

IMG_1952IMG_1923IMG_1930IMG_1954My little family.  It’s perfect.

Sam was so tuckered out for playing on the beach all day that he fell asleep on me at the dinner table around 9pm.  He REALLY wanted the cake and to dance, but he just couldn’t make it 🙂  We left about 9:30pm to head to bed.  We were all tired with bellies full of good food!  We had such a good time and Kaylin and Christian looked amazing!

IMG_1994The next morning we kept it mellow with some swimming at the hotel.

IMG_1991I need to sweat out some of that delicious food.  I was SO full!

IMG_1999More family beach time for the rest of the afternoon.

IMG_2007He LOVED this.  Made Dad and Grandpa do this many times.

IMG_1996Love them.

IMG_2008After some down time and cleaning up, we headed to the Tin Roof Bistro for an early birthday dinner.  Jane and I have birthday’s just five days apart!  And holy cow, this food was so, so, so good.  The caramelized brussels sprouts…I will be talking about them forever 😉

IMG_2011Sunday morning was spent on Manhattan Beach.  Breakfast right by the water.  M & M pancakes…because it’s vacation, duh!

IMG_2012IMG_2015IMG_2020Made our way out the pier.

IMG_2018Ugh, miss these guys so much already!

IMG_2023IMG_2021The highlight of his day.  A small aquarium right on the end of the pier.  So awesome!

IMG_2030IMG_2033The three of us stayed for more beach time and walking around town before heading to Nanny and Papa’s again.  The beach here is gorgeous!  No wonder it’s pretty crowded.

IMG_2035IMG_2047Manhattan Beach Creamery.  It was really yummy!

IMG_2052And our last night together with everyone.  We love all of these people SO much.  It was by far one of our best family trips yet.  We’ll for sure be going back to the beach and to see these guys again.  Thank you all for having us to your special day and for letting us stay Nan and Pops. We love you all so much!



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