Wedding, Beach and a Birthday!

IMG_1824We’re back from five amazing days with the whole Dean family down in Southern California!   I’ll do an entire post with lots of pictures and what not later on in the week.  A few for now…

IMG_1952IMG_1950Dan’s cousin Kaylin got married Friday night, so it was a great excuse to see the whole Dean clan and hangout at the beach for several days.  She was STUNNING!  Like, out of a catalog or magazine stunning.  We had THE best time!  Thanks for letting us be there you two!

IMG_1978Grandpa Mike!

IMG_1808Spent lots of good time at Nanny and Papa’s house.  (Dan’s grandparents)  They’re 92 years young and full of life still.  It’s so awesome.

IMG_1988Also got to spend a few days at the hotel in Manhattan Beach with Grandma Jane, Kelly and Andy.  The best!

IMG_1909So much beach time.  He love, loved everything about it.

And in other news, today I turn 34 years young.  I’m happy to say that I feel better now inside and out than I did when I turned 24.  Amazing how life and our habits change over time 🙂 So thankful for a healthy body and mind.


More later on but for now, it’s time to celebrate by getting back into our routine and time for me to get a good sweat on!




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