The haps {Grandpa Mike!}

IMG_1753Thankful we got to spend a few days with Grandpa.  So glad you could stop and see us on your way home!

IMG_1751IMG_1757All Sam wanted to do was play and be with Grandpa.  They always play so, so, so much together.  It really is the best.  They went hiking and biking together, read some stories…

IMG_1760And he even got to see Sam score his first goal.  I was way too overjoyed and happy in this moment.  I was so proud!

IMG_1755A quick visit to give sister some pretty fall things.

IMG_1759They worked on the roof together, too 🙂  Can’t wait to see you again and the whole Dean family in just four days!

IMG_1763It’s always a let down when any of our visitors leave.  Thankfully he got to go play with cousin Enzo for a while after Grandpa left.  Life size hot wheels?  Yes, please!

IMG_1769If you like tea, this is a yummy one for fall.  Or really, anytime.  I add a splash of almond milk and a bit of real sugar.

IMG_1772I’ve been following my workouts and have been diligent with my nutrition, still working with my coach. I am feeling amazing, for the most part.   Many times I feel like I’m invincible, so strong and can pretty much do anything he throws at me.  It’s just not so  at this point though.  Since my ACL surgery in 2003, my knee has just not been the same.  I’ve had ongoing issues with it and can normally push through and it gets better.  Not lately though.  I’ll need to get all the scar tissue and any other junk that’s in there cleaned out.  I may have even torn something in there as well.  Here’s to hoping it’s a quick scope and that I’ll be able to bounce back quick, whenever it is that I actually get this done.

IMG_1777Bike rides are just the best these days.  We got him a bigger bike last week.  SO much better!  He went from a 12″ to a 16″ with ease.  He and Dan spent several hours at Trailside again on Saturday.  His most favorite place these days 🙂

IMG_1779Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s in Kamas.  Grandpa has some nice saddles for their horses.  Let’s hope the grand kids can ride them at some point soon!

IMG_1787He was SO tired after all the riding and playing yesterday.  A bloody nose on the way home to top off the night.  Poor thing.  No afternoon rest and waking up (for no real reason) four times in the night will do that do a 4.5 year old.  Today is a new, fresh day though and he’s in a great mood!  I’ve already taught one spin class at 5:30am.  Onto my 9am class and then resting and playing for the remainder of the day.

Have a great week!



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