Happy Monday


First soccer game done!  Even though our Lion Pirates lost, they all played SO well.  Sam cried and whined leading up to practice and the game, but he volunteered to play first for about 5 mins 🙂  So proud of these kids.  And, coaching them is actually pretty dang fun!


Lots and lots of biking this week.

Especially this weekend.  Dan and Sam went to Trailside for a good chunk of the day yesterday and we all went back up again today.  Ended up seeing a bunch of friends and their kids, so that was extra fun.  Despite Dan’s epic dirt rash from a fall on the last run, it was a really great day.


I even got some play time!



SO fun!


They were both tuckered out by 6:20pm. 🙂


The other day I could tell he was tired and needed a rest.  Of course he answered with, “No!!!! I’m not tired at all, ever Mom!”  Not even 10 minutes later and he’s out (at 4:15pm).


Zucchini Latkes for dinner, thanks to our neighbors never ending supply they keep giving us.  Delicious!

That’s it for now.  We’re excited to have Grandpa Mike staying with us this week and even more excited to see Jane, Kelly & Andy, Grandpa Mike again and the whole Dean family in just a short week and a half!


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