The haps

First day of preschool last week!  He was BEYOND excited to go back to Miss Lynettes.

So happy.

IMG_1608IMG_1620More hiking on the Quarry trail.  He thought I was around the corner, as he was talking to the squirrels.  The weather was SO nice this day.  Ominous clouds and wind.

IMG_1648Thankful and lucky to be able to go out on a ride when he’s in school for a bit.

IMG_1642I need more oatmeal in my life.  This stuff is amazing fuel for my body!

IMG_1641Our second to last outdoor swim day of the summer.  Not another soul in sight for almost an hour!

IMG_1677IMG_1679More bike shredding.  I LOVED every minute of this ride with him.  I had to keep reminding myself to stop telling him to slow down.  He’s got this stuff dialed.

IMG_1667Chocolate Decadence for our anniversary treat at Stella Grill.  You MUST go there!

IMG_1665IMG_1666SO good.

IMG_1621Really cool and rainy weather up at Silver Lake one day last week.  I love, love that our friends love to be up in the mountains just as much as we do.

IMG_1633Hi Jane-o!

IMG_1660Dan and Sam went biking in Salt Creek on their camping excursion.  They camped on the south east side of Mt. Nebo this time.  The colors will be SO pretty here in two-three weeks.  We may just need to go camping again 🙂


IMG_4294IMG_4324IMG_4326IMG_4328IMG_4351Awesome chair carved out of the stump.

IMG_4336They found a super sweet camp spot up the road.  Hopefully we’ll camp here next time.  Perfect huge hill for racing dump trucks down.  Can’t wait for next time!

And a few videos of some of my training lately.  I’m feeling SO, SO good these days.  It’s amazing the things my body are capable of now, especially when you have someone there to coach, guide and cheer you on.  I do A LOT of work on my own, but David pushes me beyond what I think I’m capable of sometimes. I thrive on this stuff!


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