Nine years and a happy Labor Day!

IMG_1669We celebrated our nine year anniversary this weekend!  In our style, we kept it mellow with some yummy, yummy food and time on our bikes with Sam.  Thank you Ali for playing with Sam while we enjoyed one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time.  So delicious!

He is doing SO awesome on the trails these days.  In the past three weeks he’s just gotten so much better.  He’s riding the trails we like to on our bikes.  It’s pretty rare you see a 4.5 year old out there on the trails we use all the time 🙂

I have lots more pictures to post, but for some reason WordPress won’t let me upload anything but these two right now.  I’ll update more later this week when it actually works.

IMG_1662Dan and Sam went camping together Friday to Saturday afternoon.  They had THE best time!  I did love the alone time, but I really, really missed being out there with them.   I’ll post more pictures when I can.  We’re off to brunch at Ali’s, some swimming and letting Dan’s hand recover from getting stitches this morning….

Yeah, he had to get stitches again.  Twice in three months.  That dang balsamic vinegar bottle shattered all over the counter and in his hand.  Here’s to some healing and a great week!


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