Soccer, school and other haps!


Happy Monday!  I forgot to mention last week that Sam starts soccer here soon, w00t!  He’s been asking to play all summer, mostly because he wanted to wear the cleats 🙂  Turns out, no one could/wanted to coach his team so when they asked me, of course I had to!  He wasn’t too stoked on the idea of me as his coach, but he’s warmed up to it and we’re both really excited.  We met the other seven players on his team and some of their parents on Friday.


There was a player/coach clinic that evening, but a strong storm was already here so he didn’t last long.  He was the only one to stay for even a little bit of the clinic (which all Pre-K to 2nd graders attended).  I was so proud of him, especially since I knew he was so cold and it had already been raining a bit.  He and I will for sure be purchasing good rain jackets before our first game on September 3rd.  We play every Wednesday night til October 29th.


Team #7, Silver!


Lots of cool, rainy weather last week.  It’s felt a lot like fall the past four days.  I can’t help but long for it for sure.


Got a ride in one night before some hard rain came.  “Just in the nick of time,” he said.


Love them


Over the past several months we’ve been doing quiet time.  This usually just ends up being a 20-30 minute nap.  The past week or so though, he hasn’t been taking that rest so he’s been especially grumpy around 5pm and if we’re in the car, he’s for sure out.  It’s a hard life being 4.5 sometimes 🙂


He wanted to watch a movie on Friday night, but only made it 10 minutes in.  6:45pm and he was out cold.  That’s the earliest he’s gone to bed since he was really little.  Those were the days… 🙂


Huge sunflowers at a little local farmers market in Draper.  It’s a hidden gem!


Mel’s Farmers Market.


We spent Saturday evening at Wheeler Farm since it’s been a while since we’ve been there and it was SO nice out!  Dan and Sam were back there last night and we had a little picnic there as well.  It’s getting darker earlier and the temps aren’t looking to be really hot again at least for the next seven days. LOVING IT!  We both got some good riding in yesterday, so did Sam.  No pics, but he was shredding it in Corner Canyon with Dan.  Next time we’ll take him to the very top so he can ride down Canyon Hollow like last year.  The kid is getting so good at managing his speed and all the rocks.  So proud!

Sam starts his second year of preschool tomorrow!  He’s in the Pre-K 4/5 year class with Miss Lynette again.  He is beyond excited to go three days a week this year.  🙂

Have a great week!


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