Another sunny Monday

Another mellow week and weekend around here.  It’s been hot, so we’ve been swimming lots and hiking to cool shady places 🙂  Dan was gone Wed to early Saturday morning so we were solo for most of the week.  We stayed busy though!

Dan and Sam hiked up Lisa Falls yesterday while I got in a ride.  They hiked up the left side, all the way past the top of the falls that you can see from below when you’re standing there.  It’s steep, rocky and so so fun!



It was so beautiful up in the mountains yesterday.  Rode to the top of Snowbird again with new riding friend Jen. I LOVE riding with stronger and faster friends.  She and her boyfriend certainly pushed my limits of how hard and fast I can climb these days.  I was WORKED after!  I’ve only been riding about once a week, so when I go out for these big climbs, it’s good to know I’ve still got it in me 🙂


Sunday dinner with our family was at Trailside park!  This is the bike and skills park that Dan and Sam LOVE going to.  They’ve got lots of pavilions, grass and playgrounds right there as well.!


These two made lots of laps before Dan went out on his own (and Mark came to shoot some pics of him, I’ll post those later this week).  The whole bungee cord towing system works perfectly to get him back to the top everytime.  Brilliant!  It’s amazing how many people stop and say things like, “how old is he?”  Or, “wow, that is a great idea!”  Or, “I wish I would have started riding that young!”  Or, “Wow, you’re shredding it little guy!”  Makes us so glad and proud that he’s actually loving this and having a good time.  He asked to go up here several times last week.


Friday night I got to watch Ruby and Jane while Sam and Siri had a fun sleepover with Grandma Carol.  They had the best time!  And, it was so nice to just spend time with these two ladies.


So happy after a good nights sleep for all of us!


Earlier in the week we took Jane out for the afternoon.  Riding bikes, playing at the park and an ICEE to keep them cool 🙂


Picnic dinner at the park one night before Dan traveled.  We haven’t really done this at all this summer.  Sam LOVED it.  We’ll be doing this more especially when it’s cooler.


And things are going well with my coach, David.  I’ve been following our workouts and plan with dedication and it’s starting to really show.  I normally track all of my food six days out of the week so I know that I’m eating enough to fuel my daily life and workouts.  I’ve been having the opposite problem as most of the people he works with.  They usually eat too much and I seem to not be eating enough for how active I am.  I’m getting the hang of it better and I’m making sure to eat good, real and whole foods and enough of them.  Plus, if I want a treat or to indulge a bit I do!  As of last week, I’m down 6.5 pounds and 3% body fat and several inches.  I’m just feeling REALLY good!  I’ve said it before, it’s not the weight and pounds that I really care about, but getting rid of more of the body fat that I have.  I’m on the right track and I’m getting stronger and stronger, with more power as the weeks go by.  The workouts he’s been designing for me are killer, effective and all new to me! I have six more sessions with him. I’m excited to see what kind of progress I make in the next month.  This is money that is 110% well spent for me since I’m doing exactly what he’s been coaching me to do.  Feeling good!

Have a great week!


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