The haps

hikeshorlinePretty sure I’ve said this all summer, but it was yet another beautiful weekend around here!  Some hiking, swimming and LOTS of biking for this kid.  Dan took him for a fun hike Saturday morning on the Shorline.  He was pretty darn stoked that they spotted a fish in the creek!

IMG_1475Shave ice with cousins after swimming.  The best.

IMG_1483It’s been a while since we’ve been to our favorite place, Oh Mai.  As yummy as ever and he ALWAYS downs that soup.  Delicious.

IMG_1485I got out on a gorgeous ride on the Crest with lots of fun, new friends yesterday morning.  It was pretty busy on the trail, but so stinkin’ fun!

IMG_1487Bright colors are all the rage in biking right now 🙂

While I was out, Dan took Sam to Trailside in Park City.  They spent almost five hours out there biking.  It’s a shame there aren’t any pictures or video since Dan said he was shredding it so hard out there!  We bought a two foot bungee rope with hooks on the end so that Dan could just tow him up the hill instead of push him all the time.  Supposedly they were quite the scene up there 🙂  Next time I’ll be going with them so you bet I’ll get pics and video.

IMG_1441The weather earlier in the week was a dream in the mornings.  Nice and cool til about 11am.  Perfect park weather!

IMG_1452Went for a quick hike to the top of the Quarry trail since he’s never been up to the actual top before.  He was amazed at this old road that ends and the old house on the other side.

IMG_1449IMG_1468Rocks, rocks and more rocks

IMG_1471Met some friends we know from the gym at the local water slide attraction.  We won’t be going back anytime soon, but I’m glad we checked it out.  All he wanted to do was swim (went down two slides and that’s it)…we have the Alta pool for that, silly!

IMG_1470The best part though was running into our cousins there!  Saw Sheri and kids in line right in front of us.  Benj, Connor and Emily love that place.  Better suited for older kids.

bikequarryAnother random but awesome pic from a bike ride earlier in the week.  Laps on the Quarry trail.

IMG_1445Behold, my new favorite treat. So simple yet so delicious.   Plain rice cake, peanut or almond butter and dark chocolate chips.  Heat in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.  SO YUMMY!

IMG_1440And I always love a good (before/after)  picture for some motivation.   I found this picture a few weeks ago and couldn’t help but be SO proud of my journey to a better, healthier and happier me.  It’s not until I look back on all the years of being overweight that it really hits me and quite honestly, makes me sad that I lived like that for so long.  I’m still learning new things all the time and like to progress to the best version of me, but right now I’m pretty freaking happy with my whole self!  I hope that everyone in my life can be as happy and comfortable in their own skin and in life.  It’s SUCH a good place to be.

Have a great week!


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