That’s a lot of miles…and dirt!

(LOTS of pictures in this post, FYI)IMG_142710,000 feet of climbing and almost 50 miles later we found them in Provo Canyon.  Seriously covered in dirt and happy as can be!  Dan’s huge ride of the summer is complete!  He and Jamon rode Park City to Provo pretty much all on trails.  Lots of beautiful trails,  hike a biking, some mechanical issues, only one flat tire and lots of smiles and sweat.  I’m so, so happy he and Jamon like to do crazy stuff like this together.  Dan was seriously smiling big at the end.  SO wish I took more pictures of how dirty, sweaty and salt covered they were but this will have to do.

IMG_4237First light going up Park City

IMG_4241Start of Lake Mary trail

IMG_4242Lake Mary, Brighton

IMG_4245Meadow near Lake Catherine, Brighton

IMG_4246Lake Catherine

IMG_4254Down into Dry Fork, Upper American Fork Canyon

IMG_4256Start of Ridge 157 going towards Timpanogos


IMG_4262Looking back to the Little Cottonwood ridge line. (left to right) White Baldy, Red Baldy, Mary Ellen Gulch, Snowbird.

IMG_4266Still on 157 looking at Timp

IMG_4269Coming around the west side of Timp.  Utah Lake!

IMG_4272IMG_4274Start of the last climb to Big Baldy pass.  Steep and rocky, especially when you’re already tired.


IMG_4282Start of last decent into Provo Canyon.  Cascade Peak in the distance.

IMG_1419Hanging out waiting for Dad.  We only waited 15 mins and they were down.  Such an epic day for them!  Today he’s tired and he ate A LOT last night, but feeling pretty darn good.


IMG_1399Moving onto a few things last week.  Had a bunch of rain Mon-Wednesday. SO very needed and I can’t help but love a little cool down in the heat of summer.  Waiting out between showers.

IMG_1403Movie night.  I think we watch Elf 🙂

IMG_1415Love neighbors that let you pick fresh tomatoes.  This is summer to me.

IMG_1410Quiet time at Ali’s.  AKA, they didn’t really sleep but sort of made me think they might.

sunglassesAll the cool kids.

After last weekends ride I was pretty tired.  Took a much needed rest day all Monday.   I’m still sore from some of my workouts this week with my trainer and unfortunately, my knee has been swollen and sore from the sprints I ran on Thursday.  I hope, hope it works itself out if I avoid the things that are aggravating it.  (mostly running sprints and jumping moves).

IMG_1432Got in a nice ride this morning with Re.  Nothing super long, but just right. Trying to work out my knee and pedaling/spinning usually helps.  So beautiful out there.  My happy place.

IMG_1434I almost never finish riding before Noon on the weekends since those are my long rides, but we finished today in plenty of time for a yummy brunch.  I was starving and this Indo-Persian place hit the spot.  A side of delicious chai, too.   Oh, and that scone dealio on that square plate…we split that and it was heaven!  Good Karma Restaurant in PC, go there.

IMG_1416And speaking of food and working with a trainer.  I’m a little over two weeks in and I am LOVING it. I feel so, so good!  Like, the way I felt about a week into the Whole30, only I’m not restricting myself of anything.  Yes, I’m watching what goes in my mouth but I’ve been eating wheat bread, lots of rice, potatoes, oats and other yummy things.  If I want a treat, I have one! We’ll be taking measurements and what not each week to see my progress.  I feel like I can see a little bit of it in this photo. Last week I was down 3.5lbs and 1.5% body fat.  I lost 1-2″ on all my other body measurements.  I’ve been dedicated and faithful about following my Macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats allotted each day) and it’s paying off.  I’m happy to lose weight, but it’s the body fat that I really care about and it’s the main reason why I’m working with and spending money on David.  He is awesome and provides me with new and very challenging workouts each time we meet and creates new ones for me to do on my own.  So far, this is money so very well spent for just his knowledge and skills I’m learning on my form, technique and what my body is capable of.   I’ll update more in two-three weeks after some time goes by.

And that’s about it.  Expecting rain today and tomorrow and a nice cool down.  Have a great week!

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