Hello Monday

Another super fun weekend!

Today I’m recovering and resting from a pretty awesome bike ride yesterday.  4,300 feet of climbing over 26 miles and add in the heat.  I was spent!

IMG_1384Had so much fun!  There’s no way it could have been lame with these guys.  Kelley, Rob, Jamon and Re.  Jamon decided to ride his townie (hardtail & singlespeed…crate in back, and there’s a mount up front for stuff too) the entire ride.  He had a speaker box, soft cooler and water bottles strapped to that crate.  He was quite the scene.  I also love that he wore a tie with bowling pins on it.  Amazing.  These are the times that make suffering on a bike not so bad 🙂  I had just come off hiking Snowbird and two pretty hard workouts in a row so I was not fresh, but I did the entire ride.  SO fun!

IMG_1386I didn’t partake, but they said it was delicious.  We were all tired at this point and just wanted to ride down the Canyons.  Even up high, it was hot hot!

IMG_1391I burned a few calories on the ride, Ha!  It’s the first time I’ve worn my heart rate monitor on a bike ride outside.  I know that I usually burn a lot, but I didn’t think it was this much.  Since I’ve been working with my trainer, we’re trying to see what my calorie burn is like when workout at the gym and ride my bike outside so that we can dial in my nutrition a little better.  It’s already going really well and I’m LOVING it!

IMG_1394Dan and Sam came up to swim and hangout, but not before I had to eat a delicious and VERY filling lunch at El Chubasco.  YUM.  He love, loves their pool!  Dan and Sam headed to Trailside for some biking, while I made my way home.  So.tired.

IMG_1396I had been drinking so much water I didn’t feel like eating dinner, but knew I needed to.  Burger, cauliflower/potato mash and some super fresh watermelon.

IMG_1344The rest of the weekend….We got to spend a night away at Snowbird.  Thank you Ali for taking Sam.  He had the best time with you guys!  A little hotel room with a pretty good view, although really hot since they don’t do AC at the Inn.  Dan had just been on a really long ride Friday so he was in need of a quick power nap.  I didn’t mind since I got to cruised through the cable channels and found some good cooking and Tour de France (we don’t have cable at home). 🙂

IMG_1347Dinner with a view.  El Chanate is pretty good and affordable up there.  I would have loved to go to the Steak Pit, but we’ll save that for an anniversary or something special like that.  We’ve never been!

IMG_1355It was nice to not have to be up right at 7am, but we both were anyway.  Once you have kids, your internal alarm clock is in full force so sleeping in was not really happening.  It was nice to just have a mellow morning before this awesome breakfast at the Atrium.  This is by far the best breakfast buffet we’ve been to (came with our room).  We both would have eaten more, but we knew out bellies wouldn’t love that on our hike to the top of the Tram.

IMG_1356IMG_1364The wildflowers are peaking right now.  SO beautiful everywhere.

IMG_1360Making our way up.  Cirque in the background. We hiked all along that ridge.

IMG_1363I love him.

IMG_1362Tram up there on Hidden Peak

IMG_1375By far the best part of the hike was the tram ride down.  My knees don’t do hiking downhill at all, so this was perfect for me.  I LOVED hiking up and knowing I got to enjoy myself on the way down 🙂  We took it fairly mellow and slow (the first part was steep!) , making it up in 1 hour and 45 minutes.  It was so, so pretty.  And since I don’t really do that kind of hiking since I’m always on my bike to climb that far, my calves are SO sore!

IMG_1382Home to Sam and some quiet time.  He would.not.wake.up!  He must have been tuckered from all the playing with Siri and Jane.

IMG_1320Earlier in the week, on one of Utah’s big holiday’s (July 24th, Pioneer Day) we went to see the new Planes movie.  He and Max were so stoked!  I’m glad Jenn comes prepared with bags for everyone to till with popcorn.  You can tell they frequent the movies more than we do.

IMG_1316And just because I’m gone at lunch time, doesn’t mean I won’t eat a delicious and good for me meal.  I took this bad boy of a mish mash into the theater.   Rice, ground turkey, veggies, guacamole and Sriracha.  Delish.

IMG_1337Later that night we went to our yearly 24th party at my aunt Joan’s.  I just LOVE this party with all of our Fetzer cousins.  Joan and Hollis have lots of property with a huge garden, horses, tons of grass and lots of kid friendly stuff to play on and with.  THE best.

IMG_1325Emily, Sam, Siri

IMG_1333Had to stay for some fireworks.  Max, Jane, Sam, Siri.  So adorable.

IMG_1307And earlier in the week I got to ride with seven other lady shredders up on the Crest.  One of our friends wanted to celebrate her 30th with a sunset ride up there.  Of course I was in!

IMG_1309It was pretty epic that night.  So thankful I live here and I’m healthy and strong to get me there on my bike.

IMG_1340And just because I love his little swimsuit.  A stop at Ocean Ice for a treat.  We’ve been doing lots and lots of swimming and waiting for it to not be so hot.  Hoping for some rain and a cool off this week!







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