The Haps

Nothing too exciting going on over here.  Just enjoying summer and playing lots!

IMG_1212Got to go to the new Aquarium with some of our favorite friends.  Thanks for taking us, Sedra!  Sam LOVED, loved it!

IMG_1209IMG_1214IMG_1207IMG_1238Evening rides around the block.  It was actually not blazing hot one night last week.

IMG_1246A late evening bike ride for me.  It was just beautiful.

IMG_1241Poor kid had a doozy of a bloody nose after smacking his face getting in the car.  I mean, little pools of blood in the car and in the carport.  The blood instantly started running like a faucet all over my hands and his clothes.  Luckily Janie was there to help me get tissues and rags to get things under control.  Seriously, this is the worst bloody nose I’ve seen on a child or adult! So thankful it wasn’t his teeth and that his nose seems totally fine now.  Talk about traumatic, ugh.

IMG_1244We had been swimming before the nose incident then he played and played at Ali’s then we went swimming again.  He was TUCKERED by 5pm.  Had to take a rest for a bit.  He still went to bed without a peep at 7:45pm 🙂  Summer days are tiring!

IMG_1252Got to watch these lovelies on Friday night.  That Ruby, she is so funny these days!

IMG_1250Almost nothing better than cousin swim time.  So thankful for my sisters and their kids. Speaking of swimming, he’s doing great these days!


IMG_1227IMG_1254Early Saturday morning brought a long ride for me with Re.  Climbed the new Big Mountain trail at Snowbird…the same one Dan did last weekend.  That was a butt kicker of a climb, that’s for sure!  3,000 feet of up, up, up!  I like to suffer a bit so I was OK with it 🙂  The down made it all worth it and the views?  You cannot beat them!

IMG_1264IMG_1263Yeah Re!

IMG_1273Getting closer to the top!

IMG_1278Made it.  I was definitely worked but felt great.

IMG_1282Spent Saturday night in Kamas with all our cousins for our monthly dinner with Mom and John.  So fun!

IMG_1279Wish I had a picture of ALL of the kids riding bikes and doing fireworks in the church parking lot.  It was super fun.

Kept things mellow on Sunday while Dan went out for a really long ride…one of his longest yet I think.   I’m starting to work with a trainer this week, so I’ve been mentally preparing to keep things more in check with my eating and for David to kick my trash and teach me new things to do in the gym…to be more efficient in a short amount of time and work the areas that I want help with.   I’ve lost a lot of weight on my own and have learned a lot, but it’s time for me to up my game and learn more and in general, I know my potential is SO great and I want to reach new goals and places physically in my strength and in my mind.  It’s never a bad idea to reach out for help in this area of your life if you can.  And, if I do decide to have another baby (I don’t know yet…fyi), I’d like to be the best possible version of me if or when I start that process again.  I know I will have an “easier” time than the other two, simply from not being overweight from the get go.  Either way, I just want to progress and learn more about my body.

Here’s to going out of my comfort zone for the next two months!  Have a great week.




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