Hello Monday

IMG_1122Last week was so, so good.  Despite the sadness that this time will bring every year, we had such a nice, calm and beautiful day celebrating Naomi.  Tied some balloons in the front of our house for her.

IMG_1131Sam and I went up to Cecret Lake at Alta early that morning.  He was pointing up to the sky and said, “if we go higher and higher, we’ll be closer to Naomi’s heaven!”  Such innocence and so tender.  I choked up a bit on the trail for sure.

IMG_1132IMG_1137He was LOVING the snow patch

IMG_1143IMG_1144IMG_1145IMG_1154Since we got up there pretty early, we just barely beat the crowds.  He begged to go on the lift, but then got really mad when I put him on there. 🙂

IMG_1155Over to Ali’s for a little picnic.  Thank you so much for the pretty flowers and tender note 🙂

Had some quiet time then headed to dinner with Mom and John before meeting all of my family at her grave.

IMG_1158It was hot, but oh so beautiful when the clouds rolled in just after we got there.

IMG_1166All of the grand kids but one (Benjamin)  Thank you so much for coming everyone!  I hope you know how much this means to us.

IMG_1173My siblings:  Jenn, Ali, Liz, Justin, Matt

IMG_1160Thank you Grandma Jane and auntie Kelly for the beautiful flowers that were already there when we arrived.  So, so pretty.

IMG_1170Love you sister.


IMG_1112Earlier in the week we played with our friends up at Snowbird.  They all sat there quietly for a while, waiting for squirrels to come by.  He has no shortage of friends and cousins that love him!

IMG_1115Hi Janie!

IMG_1077He’s been more and more eager to play in the splash pad at the pool.  It’s a miracle he played in there for 30 minutes one day.  He had the best time!

IMG_1100We all went up to Solitude one night to escape the heat.  I rode with a friend while they rode around the base and at some dinner.  It was a perfect evening.

cookiestandThe girls had a cookie stand one night last week.  I sent Dan and Sam over to give them some business 🙂fullfaceReady for action on his strider in the basement.  He and Dan are always doing super fun and silly things when I’m out!

IMG_1183Super fun ride with my lady friends!  Early Saturday ride on the Crest.  All of these ladies shred!

IMG_1185Got to spend a little time just with Ruby.  I love that little squeeze!

IMG_1187Had a super fun time at one of the Saturday night concerts up at Snowbird.  Sam LOVED dancing to the music.

IMG_1191Some random guy gave me his pass for the rides.  Rode this cool zip line mountain flyer a couple times.  Wish Sam was big enough to come with me!

IMG_1192Had a mellow Sunday morning at the Farmer’s Market while Dan went for a cool ride up at Snowbird.  Snake balloons and super fresh sugar cookies for the win!  Some swimming and watching the World Cup finished off our weekend.

danbirdrideDan rode the new trail up at the Bird that opens today.  3,000 up and down.  Can’t wait to ride it myself!

Have a great week!








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