Very special week & Happy 4th!

Naomi Jane_069 It’s a very special week around here.  Thursday we’ll celebrate Naomi’s two year angel birthday.  Two whole years gone by already.   From a post I put up yesterday:

“Two years ago this week marks one of THE hardest weeks of my life yet.  Time does heal, but I will always have a tender heart and times of sadness for Naomi.  Today I am thankful for this experience because I wouldn’t be where I am now.  Despite the devastation, she has blessed my life in ways I didn’t know back then.  Today I am a happy woman, wife and mother to two beautiful children.  Love you sweet girl.”

I’ll be doing some biking, taking Sam on a fun hike and spending time with my boys and family at her grave on Thursday.  Oh, and no wonder I cried three times yesterday.  It’s amazing how my emotions just take over at these special times.

Now onto some haps and 4th of July celebrations and fun….

IMG_1005He couldn’t wait to do some fireworks, so we did a few before bed on Thursday night.  When your four year old is tuckered by 8pm, you do fireworks in the sun!

IMG_1016Met Ali and fam at the Granite Community breakfast and parade.  Was super fun, but I’ll for sure be eating breakfast at my house.  WAY better 🙂

IMG_1015Hi Ruby!

IMG_1018IMG_1019IMG_1025He flipped out when he saw this Thomas train.  “Thomas, Thomas…hi, hi, hi!  I’m over here Thomas! I’m over here!”  So awesome.

IMG_0993Did some swimming before a BBQ swim party later that night.  We’ve done loads of swimming all week and weekend.  Pretty much everyday I think.

IMG_1033Had to take a short snooze mid day.  Didn’t want to wake up!

IMG_1039Party town!  Thanks to Mark’s brothers in laws for hosting such an awesome night!  Holy cow, the kids swam their brains out.  I think Sam swam a total of 2.5-3 hours just that night.

IMG_1047IMG_1049Loungin’ out.

IMG_1055Took a break for some early fireworks

 Back for more.

IMG_1057Ended the night with some golf.  He LOVED that part.  This house is amazing!

IMG_1059Thank you again, Ali and Mark!



Went for a longer ride early Saturday morning.  Was already pretty dang hot up in Park City by 10am.  So beautiful though.  Armstrong-Pinecone-Crest-Canyons.  I haven’t been doing as many long rides as last year, so this one worked me a bit.  I LOVED everything about it!

danaltaDan got in a long trail run as well.  12 miles of beauty.  3,000 feet of climbing.


IMG_0971Marshmallows and toothpicks.  Endless fun.  You can spell all sorts of words 🙂

IMG_0989And some “learning time.”  He’s getting better and better at tracing the letters.  Sometimes he’ll only do three, other times he’ll do all of them…twice over.  We’re starting some reading lessons this week.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂

And just a few random videos for Grandparents and Aunt Kelly.

(American) Ninja Warrior practice.  One of his favorite shows lately.

And his newest dance moves. I don’t even know.  So hilarious!
Have a great week everyone!







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