Cabin time

Another super fun weekend!

Had too short of a stay at our Fetzer family cabin.  We had!

IMG_0957My Grandpa John and Grandma Naomi built an amazing and beautiful cabin 38 years ago.  So thankful for them and their hard work.  Not sure how long we’ll have this in our family but for now, we’ll spend as much time as we can there.

IMG_0909It was just  Grandma Carol, cousin Emily and us.  They played and played SO well together!

IMG_0910Got there just in time on Friday night to get a picture.  Since it had rained pretty hard the day before, it was extra cool and green everywhere. SO lovely.

IMG_0921Sam was pretty tuckered, but wanted in on a little show before bed.  Made it through about 15 mins of Robin Hood.  And, its our first time watching a movie or show, as we’ve never had a TV/DVD player there 🙂IMG_0922Emily stayed up with us for some rounds of Boggle and Apples to Apples.  We laughed, a lot. Dan went out about 6am for a trail run and the rest of us slept til 8am.  It was SO nice!

IMG_0931Pancakes, bacon, eggs and fruit.  Delicious!

IMG_0936The kids REALLY wanted to build a fire, so we did right after breakfast.  Only thing missing was the mallows.


IMG_0940Went out for a pretty hike before lunch and heading home.  This is the Abe’s lake trail.  The first hour of it is super kid friend friendly, following the river and ending up in a huge meadow. IMG_0937IMG_0945IMG_0955IMG_0953IMG_0951We really are so lucky to know and explore these places in the Uintas.  THE best.

IMG_0958Tuckered on the way home.


In other news…

IMG_0969Those that know me well, know that the Wasatch Crest is one of my favorite rides around here.  Thank you Dan and Sam for shuttling me.  They had fun riding around Solitude while I was riding 🙂

IMG_0967IMG_0962It’s just the best!

IMG_0879Did some swimming last week.  It’s been a bit cooler than normal so we only went once or twice.  We’ll be swimming a lot this week.  Supposed to be near 100!

IMG_0900Got to hangout and watch these two sillies all day Friday.  Lucky for us, Kate and Max live really close to Naomi’s park.  Kate was so tender when we were there.  I just loved it.

IMG_0898And this place.  It’s a gymnastics gym…where I did my workout on Thursday morning.  I’m changing up my routine and eating a bit.  We’ll see how things progress and change over the next couple months!

 Have a great week!



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