A camping weekend {Payson Canyon}

From my Instagram last night…

momsamnebo“Because there’s almost nothing cooler than showing your kids amazing and beautiful places.”

He kept saying how much fun “that camping” was and how much fun it was to be in our camp spot, sleeping in the tent in his little sleeping bag and playing around the camp fire eating smore’s!  Even though it was only a short 24 hour trip, we explored and adventured A LOT!

Ali decided to come with Siri and Jane.  Mark and Ruby needed some alone time anyway 🙂

Drove down Saturday morning and found a cool little spot at Payson Lakes campground, about 40 minutes up Payson Canyon, which is only 1 hour and 10 mins from our house!  I love that it was super accessible, close but felt like we were far away at the same time.

IMG_0710IMG_0703IMG_0712Ate a delicious lunch and headed out for the afternoon.

IMG_0715Bike ride around one of the lakes.  Maybe a mile or so.  Wish it was paved the whole way for the variety of bikes we had 🙂  They did great!

IMG_0737Had to stop and play in the water.

IMG_0740IMG_0718A cool little pier half way around.

IMG_0732This dead fish was the hit of Sam’s afternoon.

IMG_0750IMG_0749IMG_0723IMG_0755After a long play at the lake we took a “rest” at camp for a bit.  This game lasted maybe 5 minutes, ha!

IMG_0752SO excited.

IMG_0762Off for a short hike to The Grotto, which was down canyon about 15 minutes.  Perfect hike for kids.

IMG_0764It was really busy, but it’s so nice and cool back there.  A sweet little hidden spot!


IMG_0804Back to camp for dinner and roasting mallows!  Oh, and teaching them how to chop wood of course.  Side note-  Dan cut his arm on the truck Friday night while packing up.  Ended up at Insta care for several stitches.  Thank goodness it was up on his arm and not on his hands!

IMG_0814IMG_0809Brats and dogs!

IMG_0822They waiting SO patiently all day for this moment.

IMG_0825Best night ever.

IMG_0820IMG_0829Got the kids to bed around 9pm.  They didn’t fall asleep til close to 10 though.  Too much fun! Dan and I enjoyed ourselves by the fire for a while.  Sam and Siri were up bright and early at 5:30am.  Seriously??!  It’s so light and the birds were chirping and so many sounds, they were just too excited.  I managed to get them to lay down and be quiet for another hour, thank goodness.

IMG_0832Ali and girls packed up and had to head home.  We took the scenic way home.  I’m SO glad we did!  Having lived here all of my life, I can’t believe how many amazing things I haven’t seen, so close to my home.  Drove the Mt. Nebo scenic loop to Nephi, then I-15 back home.  This is looking towards Utah Lake.

IMG_0845Mt. Nebo is seriously BIG.

IMG_0850IMG_0849IMG_0861Awesome little creatures everywhere.  Sam was in heaven!

IMG_0865Dan read about something called the Devil’s Kitchen along the loop.  They call it a, “mini Bryce Canyon,” right here along the highway.  It certainly was!  You park and walk just a couple hundred feet and all of the sudden, there it is.  I was not expecting that!  SO cool.

IMG_0867It was all down from this point on.  We checked out a few campgrounds for future trips.   Took Sam swimming for a bit in the afternoon and he asked to go to bed at 6:45 last night.  TUCKERED out!  He played hard and didn’t get enough sleep, so we weren’t surprised.

I’m so, so glad we’re making these memories together.  I have so many fond memories of camping trips, specifically when I was growing up.  Nothing like it.  Can’t wait for our next adventure!





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