The haps {Happy Father’s Day!}

IMG_0663And a wonderful Father’s Day weekend it was!  The best kind of gifts are those that fill you up after a very long mt. bike ride, right?! 🙂  Right!  Sam gave him two bags of Kettle chips on Saturday night after he’d been gone all day to Payson Canyon.  Originally Dan requested we go camping near Mt. Nebo, but the weather was looking too cold at night for that.  So, he left Saturday morning and explored the area and did a big ride all day per his request and I was SO very happy that he was in his happy place. (I’ll blog about his awesome ride later this week)

IMG_0670Whenever I ask Sam what his favorite thing about Dad is, he normally says something like this, “that he plays all the time with me and he teaches me cool things a lot!”  One thing I KNEW Dan would be especially good at before we had kids was playing with them.  They play and play and play together whenever he’s home.  I LOVE this about him.  You are such a good Dad and we love you and are so thankful for how hard you work to support our little family.  You really are the best!   And I have to give a shout out to my father-in-law Mike and Grandpa John.  Thank you for being in our lives, for the good examples you are and for loving Sam so much.

20140614_132736From his ride.  So pretty. 30 miles total, 6,000 feet of climbing.

20140614_112909Looking at Mt. Nebo

IMG_0668Spent Sunday hanging around relaxing, biking at the skills park and playing at Grandma and Grandpa’s in Kamas.  Grandpa John has THE best “toys” around, that’s for sure.


IMG_0675He RARELY falls asleep in the car at night.  Tuckered out after lots of playing with cousins.

IMG_0647Couldn’t make it on Friday.  Resting at 3:45pm.

IMG_0634And some fun last week…Ali and I took the kids to Lisa Falls, their first time!  Siri LOVED it!

IMG_0637Other than Sam needing to get his grumps out and falling in the water, it was a great afternoon 🙂  So grumpy right there.

IMG_0638IMG_0646Walked across the street for some snacks near the Quarry trail.  The river was raging, right next to this awesome spot in the forest.

IMG_0620Swim time with friends!  Thank you Sedra for letting us come swim.  We love, love it!

IMG_0658Bike ride to get slurpees with the girls while our husbands were gone all day.

And Sam finished four weeks of Swim Kids!  Holy cow he did awesome.  Not one tear over eight lessons.  I can’t even tell you how proud I was his last day, watching him swim across the pool and go off the board.  So confident and the progress he made…it was worth the price and how good these instructors are.  If you can, get your kids there!

And some motivation for you on this Monday.  I haven’t taken a real before and after/progress picture for a while.  When I compare myself now to that day on my honeymoon, I almost don’t recognize the 25 year old me.  I always say I was happy then, but I’m SO much happier, confident and comfortable in my skin and body now…both inside and out.  I’ve been maintaining this for about a year now and if anything has changed since last summer, it’s my body composition from lifting weights.  My weight is up a bit more, but I’m feeling just as good if not better! It’s a very good place to be.


Have a great Monday everyone!



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