Hello Monday

IMG_0595Another beautiful weekend.  The temps have been pretty awesome the last several days.  Spent yesterday morning up in Park City while Dan was off on a long ride.  Sam and I played around at the City Park for a while, then headed over to the Park Silly Market. Our first time checking it out.

IMG_0590Awesome creatures along the park Rail Trail near town.  He rode past them more than several times.  So cool.

IMG_0598Top of the market on Main Street, with warm kettle corn in hand…at 10:30am 🙂  Notice the jacket.  It was a cool 60 degrees earlier.   So nice.

IMG_0597His favorite booth.  He stood there and starred for over five minutes.  In awe of all the antlers and wood fish.  He told me that “next time we come to this crazy place, we have to bring lots of money, Mom!”  Smart kid.

IMG_0600Spent lots of time on this bridge next to the town lift.

IMG_0599Definitely ate freshly made- in- front- of -us donuts.  He SNARFED them!

IMG_0603fruitasDid some swimming at our friends pool right at the base of Park City Mountain Resort.  Stopped at one of our favorite mexican markets on the way home.  If you haven’t been to Anaya’s, you should get there.  Cheap, delicious tacos in the back and lots of different and cool finds up front.  Their bakery/fresh baked goods are kind of amazing and HUGE.  And this…$5 for fruit of your choice that they have freshly peeled and cut in front of you, some cucumber and hicama, sprinkled generously with chile. SO good.  In a regular store you’d pay well over $8-10 for that much!

IMG_0574Got out for a longer ride early Saturday morning.  Rode with a friend I haven’t really in a long time since she’s been living in Steamboat.  So glad Liana was up for early riding with lots of climbing 🙂  It was so fun!

IMG_0585The higher you go, the cooler things you’ll see.

IMG_0584IMG_0525Did a little riding last week as well.  Rode in Park City Monday night with two lady friends who I love!  14 miles later I was toast (like, beyond tired)  I didn’t know we’d be riding this far and I had sprinted and lifted earlier in the day.  Ooops, take note for next time!

IMG_0524Carly and Re.

IMG_0551Been doing lots of this with these people.

IMG_0573Got to watch the ladies on Friday night.  Ruby was being especially cozy and snuggled up to me a lot before bed.  Oh, how I love her.

IMG_0521Sam played hard all week with friends and cousins.  He was pretty tuckered out every night.  In bed between 7:30 and 7:45 every night.  Play hard, sleep hard.   I’m SO, SO grateful he has these little people in his life.  I hope you all know this!

IMG_0557IMG_0558Summer. {Watermelon & Mint}

IMG_0542First go at coconut milk chia seed pudding.  Put a bunch of cinnamon, nutmeg, a little vanilla and some honey in there.  Way good.  Can’t wait to try many more combos!  If you like the texture of frog eye salad, you’ll like this stuff.

Nothing too exciting going on, just doing a lot of swimming and playing outside.  Also, I haven’t had a headache for 10 days…that is huge for me!  I’ve backed off  some of my lifting, especially doing stuff that I know bothers my neck.  Seems to be working.  Also helps that  most of my lymph nodes have gone down.  All those on my head were just awful and painful, so glad that’s gone.  Have a great week and don’t forget to sweat a little!









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