The haps…on a Monday

IMG_4176Another beautiful weekend and of course we were out and about!  Dan and Sam went to a cool new waterfall in Pleasant Grove that Dan has been eyeing.  I got things done around the house while they had Dad and Sam time.  It looks SO pretty.  Next time I’ll be going!

IMG_4177IMG_4178IMG_4181Looking west

IMG_4183Looking east, right up to Timpanogos.

IMG_4173IMG_4188IMG_0503I got in some awesome riding both days.  One of my most favorite times to be out is early Saturday morning.  Early to rise means I beat the crowds and hot temps.  First time on Flying Dog this year.  One of my favs.

IMG_0512Warm afternoon ride in Draper with Re and Austin.  Yeti crew!

IMG_0471Being four is exhausting sometimes.  Especially when naps don’t happen everyday now 🙂

IMG_0470He played hard with Max one day last week.  They didn’t want me to talk or play with them most the time.  Just doing their thing.

IMG_0474Splash pad with his little friends one day.  He does NOT like it.  It’s really a bummer since it’s such a fun place when it’s warm.  He watched all of his friends play and he didn’t even care.  As long as he didn’t get splashed, he was good.  And considering how much he LOVES (and I mean loves) to swim in the pool, it’s crazy he really doesn’t like this.  He’s doing awesome in swim lessons.  Front stroking a bit and able to turn over on his back and float.  He can also float on his back and turn over to front stroke a bit.  It’s amazing the progress he’s made in just four lessons.  Money well spent, that’s for sure.

IMG_0477We’ve been doing a job/chore chart during the week.  For now, he really loves to brush his teeth by himself, make his bed and have “learning time.”  I’d say that’s pretty good for an almost 4.5 year old.  I was proud 🙂

IMG_0515Sunday dinner.  Cobb salad yumminess.   The avocado “dressing” I make is so good.

IMG_0511Movie night.  Planes movie in his planes sleeping bag.  The coolest.

IMG_0480And this picture.  I was so happy and full of energy on Friday after I worked out.    I had an MRI last week and the report came back fine.  Thank.freaking.goodness.  I’ve been having constant headaches since January and two weeks ago I started having a bunch of swollen lymph nodes on my head and neck.  I couldn’t help but think of worst case scenario so I was on edge for over a week.  Thankfully, we’re pretty certain the headaches are caused by the muscle spasms I’ve been having on and off since December. I laid off my heavy lifting all last week (back squat, deadlift, power cleans and all pull up progressions) and it’s calmed down.  But, I’ve had weeks where I lift and don’t have bad headaches and other weeks where I do, it’s frustrating.  I’m going to ease back into more of my routine this week to see how it feels.  I’m just going to have to take it day by day.   The lymph nodes?  My doc thinks I’m fighting off some sort of viral or bacterial infection and they should be fine within six weeks.  Two of them have already gone down.  So glad.

And some motivation for your Monday.  I haven’t done any pull up progressions all week and decided to just randomly pull up on our rings yesterday.  I pulled overhand and made it up and figured I should try on the bar just for fun.  I pulled up all the way and couldn’t believe it!  Dan looked at me and said, “you did it!!”  I did three more just to make sure 🙂   I know this isn’t a big deal to most people, but since I’ve had a goal to do a strict, unassisted overhand pull up for so long, I am pretty freaking excited! It’s good to have goals to work towards in your fitness life.  Makes you a better and stronger person, inside and out!



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